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34. Tragedy

33. Lewd Drgaon

32. A Strategy

31. Big Dragon

30. A Rematch

29. Annhilation

28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

17. Notoriety

16. The Lore

15. Warriors

Manuel and Antonio

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Manuel was in a very tough situation right now. It was not enough to know where their spear was hiding inside of the dominant dragon, he now had to pull it out. He tried to reach inside but he can't. "What the hell!? Why can't I get my hands inside!?" he yelled. The dragon just laughed at him. "I might be a spirit, but I am strong enough to take a corporeal form. A strong one too. You might not know how to fuck yet, but those are my real internal muscles. Keeps my spear safe inside me. You really think you can beat me in brute strength!?" he said knowingly. Manuel looked devastated. "Keep it going though. You might do something if you keep trying." the Blade Spirit teased him. "Don't give up! You know exactly how to please the ladies." the beastkin said. Manuel was encouraged by his friend. He ducked his face down and begain eating the dragon out. "Wha-what are you doi-!!" He clearly had not experienced or seen this before in the Spirit Realm. However, time was quickly running out. After a minute of tongue work, Manuel was able to stick 2 fingers inside the genital slit. The dragon just moaned.

Gasping in excitement, he said "I can feel it, Antonio! I feel it. I just need to get a bit deeper to grab it!" "You can do it! Keep going!" Antonio cheered loudly. The dragon of the village was squirming on the bed. I could only guess that nobody had ever gotten this far before. He was not expecting this at all. However, that was as far as he could get. The dragon said "Time is up!" she snarled as he summoned his wicked looking spear to his hand. Manuel tried to move away but his fingers were stuck. "What the fuck!?" he cried out. The dragon was just smiling now. "What did I tell you about my internal muscles, human. You might be the one that's gotten the farthest, but a deal is a deal. Time for you to die!" He then ran the trapped human through the chest with his blade. "Noooo!!!" Antonio shouted in pure anguish. There was nothing that he could do. I was a bit sorry this happened. It was my plan that got this guy killed. Not that they would have survived an attempt at stealing the loot at night like they had originally planned. Still, I was responsible for this demise. Manuel was dead. The dragon stood.

Death had claimed yet another by his blade. It only made him stronger. "That was annoying. It itches from his dirty hands. Time to go bathe." he said nonchalantly. He left the blue beastkin, Antonio, behind in the bedroom to cry and grieve over the fresh corpse of his friend. I appeared to him when the dragon was gone. "I am sorry about you're friend." I said. "That bastard! I don't care whether he's a dragon, a spirit or a fucking magical spear!! I'll kill him. I'm going to kill him!" he shouted to the sky. He was still clutching onto Manuel. "Don't let the hints Manuel gave you go to waste. He new how to get inside of him. He just needed more time." He glared at me. "You're one of those spirits too, aren't ya!" he demanded. "I am. That dragon just showed up one day. He's way too strong for us." I told him honestly. He deserved that much from me now. "So you called us to deal with it? Why not one of the idiots that were all here earlier today!?" he questioned. "We wanted him gone. That meant that an outsider had to take him away." "Fuck all this! Fuck you. I'm going to get that damn spear now!" he spat.

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