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33. Lewd Drgaon

32. A Strategy

31. Big Dragon

30. A Rematch

29. Annhilation

28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

17. Notoriety

16. The Lore

15. Warriors

14. Protection

Guessing Correctly

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Just as we instructed, they made their way to the village. They arrived along with the other young men that were still trying. There were 5 of them. Our 2 plants followed them all to the dragon's house. He got naked and gave them all the same spiel. "I see we have some newcomers. I bet they are just as weak as the rest of you, maybe even weaker. One of them is an overgrown cat!" he laughed. The villagers were extremely wary of them. Our plants looked very upset at being belittled. "You may begin trying." the black dragon declared as he got comfortable on his bed. It was exactly as we had told the 2 of them. I hoped that they would follow our instructions. All 5 of the villagers were keen on shutting them out. They did not trust the outsiders a single bit. Besides, they were the ones that had been at this for weeks. They did not want this stolen by anyone else. If it could not be them, it should at least be a fellow villager. Failing to accomplish that, someone of the valley at least should take the prize. It was getting late and the black dragon yawned. "Time to bathe all of my scales. I want to shine."

The human stepped up. He rudely pushed his way to the foot of the bed. "Hey! We didn't get a chance to do anything. All these losers have been pussyfooting around all day!" he snapped. "They are worse than catkin." the blue beastkin added. That made the others angry. They began to argue in front of the dragon. That pissed him off. It was not hard to do. "Fine! Stop your damn whining, human!" he yelled. Everyone went quiet immediately as he glared at the 7 in front of him. "Pick one of you to try. I'll give you 3 minutes. If you can't do it, don't come back. I'll kill you on the spot tomorrow. You're taking away my bath time." The villages did have very nice bathing houses within them. The human scoffed out loud. "Shut up, you stupid lizard! All you do is lazy around and let all these idiots run their hands over you all day!" he yelled. The dragon growled at him. "With words like that, you better be able to back them up. Or you're going to die. If you think I get all this praise for no reason, you must be insane and stupid, human." he growled. There was cold murder in his eyes. "You got 3 minutes. Do it."

Everyone watched. The black dragon was actually angry. You could see from how hot air blasted from his nostrils. His beady, reptilian eyes were locked on the human. It unnerved the human. The beastkin had confidence in his friend. He pat him on the back and said "You got this Manuel! We know what to do." Manuel the human nodded at his friend. "Time is running out. Don't waste my fucking time." he said angrily. Manuel turned to him and said "I'll give you some 'fucking time', you damn slut!" He then placed his hands on the dragon's genital slit. The human pulled it apart and exposed deep blue flesh. Manuel looked at the dragon looked confused. He then looked at all the others in the room. They all looked terrified. The dragon dismissed them. "Get out!" he snapped. The villagers scrambled over themselves to escape him. "Where the hell is the spear!?" he demanded. The dragon spirit just smirked at him. "What!? You thought it would just appear for the first weakling that guessed it correctly. I told you: you can try to pull my spear from my body. If you can't..." he trailed off, showing his fangs.

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