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28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

17. Notoriety

16. The Lore

15. Warriors

14. Protection

13. Beat Shank

12. Shank Fight

11. The Candidates

10. Liberation

9. The Big Portal

A New Spirit

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Obviously, we could not let this massive opportunity go to waste. The villages had been here for 9 generations. They wanted the gold and silver too. All of those men that were sent from the kingdom clearly wanted to reclaim it for the riches and glory. We were sent in to retrieve as much as possible. All 6 of us Blade Spirits went with out chosen champions. 12 pairs of hands could carry more than 6 could. We went in the dead of night. We took woven baskets and filled them. It was already agreed upon that we would give the loot to the villages we had allegiances with. That meant Liam, Darrien, Knat and I were going to split off from the rest to bring it to our elders. Then it would be up to us to return to our new village in the morning after resting for the night. Obviously, we were outnumbered 2:1. Their village was going to be richer. That battle between the adventures and bandits was still going on. They would fight in the morning in guerilla armed conflict. We went in the night to take the treasure. On the fourth night, we were caught by the adventurers. They took all of our loot and sent us all back.

As we did not want to make our intentions clear, we simply walked away. That load went to the adventurers. The adventurers and bandits were now actively trying to dig up the treasures. Something no one was expecting was an invasion from the Spirit Realm. All of us were caught off guard when a scraggly young man walked down from the portal in the mountains. The adventurers and bandits both wanted to figure out what he was going to do first before engaging him. I was watching from afar with all of the other Blade Spirits. Each of them knew what was coming. They could all sense his arrival from the second he came out the portal. That meant that this spirit was a really powerful one. He certainly looked otherworldly. A bandit wandered up to him. "Why the hell's a spear just floatin' in the air like that!?" he asked his companions. His back was turned as he pointing at the spirit. He was a human and could not see him. That was enough for the spirit. He summoned his spear in his hand and impaled the bandit through the back of their throat. It was an instant kill shot. Everyone was stunned silent.

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