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27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

17. Notoriety

16. The Lore

15. Warriors

14. Protection

13. Beat Shank

12. Shank Fight

11. The Candidates

10. Liberation

9. The Big Portal

8. Krit and Knat

The Revealed Treasure

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Frankly speaking, I did not mind that. I already had kids with Alaya. Two of them. I could have another woman. Shank could have her. I would just have his wife instead. I was not going to say that to him. That would not go too well with him. When that happened to him, I would do it in secret. Shank dragged Alaya from our home and took her to his own house. He then had his way with her. Everyone else was stunned by the bold display. As a big wolfman, Shank impaled her with his canine knot. His wife was not allowed to be anywhere near them. It was a week of total dominance over her. His wife was sobbing outside of their home. I walked up to her and asked her to come with me. She looked nervous, but accepted. I made sure she was well fed and listened to her. It only took the next 3 days for me to fuck her. And it was every night for a week after that. Shank was pissed off that I fucked a woman that was supposed to be his wife. He wanted a harem apparently. I was not letting that happen. If Kyra was pregnant, that was it. Shank would not take sloppy seconds that were stolen. A hypocrite.

I fucked her 8 times. That was enough to get the job done. We had effectively swapped our wives. It was just like I had planned. Shank was very angry with me. That did not matter. I was actually more popular among the village than Shank. Definitely more popular than Shank among the other Blade Spirits. He could not actually do much to retaliate against me. Not without the others coming over to stick up for me. Even then, I knew I was not going to be able to mess with him. It would be best to just keep out of his way. There was still a bit to do. More outsiders came to investigate the villages. It was much easier. We were just getting started in this village. 3 of the original set of 5 villages had been the victim of a genocide. That meant that 2 were completely empty right now. The remaining villages had plans to spread out, but that would take generations to grow the population enough for that. The village that the mercenaries destroyed had been occupied by bandits. They did not seem to care about us. I was glad. All of them were more concerned with hiding out and looking for the fabled treasure.

That village was the furthest from ours. It was pretty much a lost cause at this point. All of us were keeping an eye out for them. We had our own direct problems to deal with. More and more people wanted to investigate all the disappearances. Over 2 dozen people have "gone missing" in the valley. Sometimes, we could just fast talk our way out of staying and discovering the truth. Some people needed to killed. At one point, we were able to get a big party of adventurers to turn against the bandits. That triggered a war between the bandits and the adventurers. They came from the other side of the mountain range. They had a different culture and manner of dress. There was no reason to take sides. As far as the adventurer's were concerned, we were innocent indigenous people. Having an escalating battle in that village made them stop their treasure hunting. However, it was during on of their big battles that an explosion created a huge crater. An insane artificer did that. That hole uncovered gold. Their legends were true. Their exiled king's treasure was here. This was horrible. More would come.

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