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57. More Dates

56. Enforcements

55. First Date

54. Girlfriend??

53. A Big Break

52. Big Hotel

51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

47. Askill Crew

46. Askill Town

45. Getting Gone

44. Recruiting 4

43. Recruiting 3

42. Recruiting 2

41. Purchase

40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

Dinner and Pooltime

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That was certainly something that could be done. It would have to wait though. I needed to join Daphne's family for dinner. There was only 2 days left in the time window for the date. Considering that I was not keen in launching straight into the bribes, going to her house was a better use of my time. I went to their house that evening. A chicken stew was on the menu. Daphne was there along with her family. She had both of her parents, an older brother and sister and a younger brother. All the men of the family worked down in the mines. The mother was the home maker of the family. The elder sister was a school teacher. Daphne was a blackjack dealer at one of the casinos. I did not know that about her. I was asked what I did for work by her father. He was a big, stocky man. "I work in the hotel business. My friends and I opened a couple in the Payday district." I said "Which one?" her elder brother asked. "We own The Rosy Face Inn and Yellow Diamond." I told them. It was not a lie. Daphne and all her siblings knew those names. It would be hard not to at their ages. I bet they visited us once.

Since that was the case, it was easy to maintain rapport with them. I was also in the game. Only Daphne had direct access to the rackets, but they probably cut loose with her at some point. The parents had no clue what that meant at all. They probably thought it was just some regular hotel. "So you guys run it? That sounds a bit expensive to me." the father said. I got a bit of a migraine when he said it. "Do not remind me." I begged as I rubbed my temples to make the pain go away. I really needed that big lieutenant position. There was a bit of a laugh at my expense. The dinner went well over all. As I got up to leave, Daphne walked me to the door. She asked if she could meet my family. I was an orphan. The only "family" that I had was my crew. I certainly could bring her around the hotel sometime. I smiled and said "I can show you all of my brothers. Call me when you have some free time." It was surprising she had the next day free. I wondered if that would be okay. Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo would be at the hotels. They were more directly related to me than the whores were.

Bringing Daphne to a brothel was far from appropriate. Hanging out at the pool for the day would be great. I told her to swing by. She kissed me on the cheek and I left. I made my way over to the hotel. When I saw them in the lobby, I smiled. "Did you finally get to fuck a chick yet?" Nicolò asked. "Not yet. I'm taking it slow and respectful with her. She isn't a whore." I said. I then told Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo that Daphne was coming over. They were all excited to finally meet her. I hoped that they all got along. That would be important. When the morning came, Daphne arrived. She had a nice 1 piece bathing suit. I thought that it was cute. I introduced her to the boys right away. I was happy that they were on their best behavior. We all hung out at the poolside together. I was happy to be served by the hotel staff. We had fun because of the atmosphere. It was a nice day. There was not a single cloud in the sky. It was the perfect day to swim. I knew how to swim in the pool. Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo did not know. That prompted me to teach them all. Daphne also wanted to learn. That was our day.

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