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49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

47. Askill Crew

46. Askill Town

45. Getting Gone

44. Recruiting 4

43. Recruiting 3

42. Recruiting 2

41. Purchase

40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

37. Bamonte Manor

36. Our Dates

35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

Tommy's and Ronan's Brothels

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The Glimmering Lions and the Red Rays would only be some of the challenges we would face as a crew. The most important thing was to manage and upgrade all our rackets. We bought them so they were all 0 stars except in the Secrecy stat. That meant our brothels and hotel were unusable shitholes. The gay brothel in the city at least had an armed guard. There was also some shitty booze on offer along with homemade snacks. Luckily all the upgrades were half the cost as it was in the city. That meant that we could fix them all up. Bringing up our 4 rackets to 1 star in each of the categories cost $30,000. I had that much on hand, but my funds were now running a bit low. It was time to cheap out. It was time to ask Nicolò, Ronan, Cameron and Tommy what they wanted investment in. Nicolò asked me for Production. He had his 2 friends to handle security. People would come if there was a decent amount of booze to drink there. Ronan and Tommy wanted Quality to go up. They wanted decent whores to work in decent sized rooms and clean sheets and beds. Cameron wanted Security.

It made sense. He was almost killed by an obsessed client of his. Of course he wanted someone there if something went down there. With that out of the way, I went to each of the rackets and invested the money as directed. It would only help us in the long run for them to be up and fully running. That was how we would get money. We had pledged 10% to Nicola, but that was temporary in my mind. Once Nicolò or I were named the lieutenant of the 2 districts, we would stop paying them. Nicolò named the hotel "The Rosy Face Inn". It was an obvious nod to the child gang. All 3 of them were proud to run it. Tommy and Ronan were gay, so they recruited gay whores. I had not expected anything different. Tommy called his "Ruby's Road". "Emerald's Empire" was the name that Ronan came up with. They had 2 stars in Quality. That let them have 6 whores instead of 5. The amenities were also a bit better. Cameron was bisexual, but leaned toward guys more. As such, he had recruited 3 male whores and 2 female ones. His brothel was called "Amber Avenue". I was sensing a big theme there.

Ruby's Road

Emerald's Empire

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