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11. Case 121 Resolution

10. Nano Case 121 - Oversharing

9. Case 96 resolution

8. Nano Case 96: Teen Bets

7. Case 87 Resolution

6. Nano Case 87 - Bridal Party Sh

5. Case 62 Resolution

4. Nano Case 62 - Basic Couple

3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nanos case 121 Resolution

on 2023-10-16 11:09:33

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Aware Body_Swap FTM MC MTF SciFi

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1.5 hours later:

Henny sat down in her office, watching the security feed as she saw Eric and Olivia greeting each other at the doors.

Max seemed uncomfortable, adjusting his underwear and crotch and rubbing his neck as if his hair was shorter than he was accustomed.

Olivia came out as well, grabbing her breasts with a smile. She looked back over her shoulder at her ass, “Okay, this feels like home” she said, walking out of the booth with a masculine gait."

At the checkout counter, Max took a vial from the receptionist. “Remember, this is only for AFTER you change back from your holiday. If you take it before you’ll get truly fucked up I assure you.” The cute receptionist said. Henny was jealous - that was a role she liked and she especially liked being in the petite brunette form. Devin was so fucking lucky this go round.

“Gotcha” Max said, putting the vial in his pocket. “Nice - men’s pants and men’s pants pockets” he said.

Olivia began:” Okay, so Eric is going to join us on Friday and Saturday at the house and you’re going to go golfing with his wife. And then Jasmine is coming down on Wednesday and Thursday. God i’m so excited.” Olivia said, flushing a bit red.

“Yep! I’m a bit jealous but i’m sure you’ll have fun with them. I wonder if Jasmine is up for a threesome - she says she’s still only into women but you know…” Max said, hopefully.

“Well for tonight I’m really worried about my man and what he can show me.” Olivia said, taking Max by the hand and standing on her tip toes for a kiss.

“Oh I think you know what I can show you.” Max said, chuckling. “You know, it was cool of Henny to give us the discount on the vacation package and for the interests copy from your profile too.”

“Yeah - I feel like she just wanted us out of there. But i’m not mad, this will be fun. A week of reliving your sexual history and then back to normal life. I hope this works.” Olivia said.

“Yeah. And then after that it’s sports bars and hot wings in addition to mani pedis. I guess I look forward to enjoying football though. “ Max said.

Olivia’s phone rang, and she answered “Marcie! Yeah! It’s me now - I’m Olivia! So you’re down for this weekend right? Oh! You’ll be Eric! That’s cool! Even better. I can’t wait for you to pound this pussy.” Olivia said as they walked off to the car.

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