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10. Nano Case 121 - Oversharing

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2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nano Complaints Case 121: Oversharing

on 2023-10-16 09:59:51

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Aware MC

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Nano Case 121: Oversharing

Henny flapped her unbuttoned floral shirt that she was wearing over a white t shirt. “God, they added fucking hot flashes. I’m twenty goddamned two and they are giving me hot flashes.” She said, grabbing another chocolate out of the assortment on her desk. “At least I can eat this shit all the time while im in this form. That’s one good thing.” She said out loud to herself, looking forward to her week off starting tomorrow. She was planning to go down for a beach weekend with a bunch of her coworkers who have the same weekly shifts, but still wasn’t sure if she would go as herself, or if she would pick a different form for the week. That week that she and Mike decided to swap roles and go as a couple was… memorable.

Breaking her daydreamy smile, she changed her focus back to the computer, absentmindedly scratching under her bra strap on her back.

“121 i see… seems pretty straightforward.” Henny said, scanning the page in front of her.

Physical : none
"Typical" Henny said.
Mental Change: Copy of girlfriend’s (887941361-source) sexual memories and knowledge; knowedge, interests, and tastes for all other items.
Other: none

Henny, not bothering to read the comments on the screen, pushed the comically old looking button on her desk to bring in the couple.

The door opened, and the couple walked in. They both appeared quite normal - The girl was wearing a very tasteful blue vest shirt with some jeans and a brown belt. Her sneakers were bright white. Her hair and jewelry were pretty normal as well. Henny could see why the guy would want to date her, at least physically, as she was quite attractive.

The guy was also very handsome - at 5’11 he stood 5” taller than his girlfriend, and while not muscular was in good shape. His dark hair was swooped over to the side in a somewhat androgynous haircut and his tight black t-shirt and tight dark jeans left his persuasions unclear. His whole ensemble wanted to present as metrosexual, but was really hitting the side of androgynous.

“Hi I’m Max and this is Olivia.” he said, extending his hand for a handshake.

Henny didn’t make eye contact, instead looking at some papers with gibberish writing on them, since everything was on the computer. She shook the hand and told them to have a seat.

“So what’s the issue? Didn’t get the memories you wanted? It said everything - that’s a pretty easy pull.” Henny said.

“No - I got the memories… It’s just…” Max said.

“Okay and then the interests and knowledge? You got those?” Henny interrupted.

“Yeah! I got those - that’s cool. It’s just…” Max said.

“Okay then. What’s the issue.” Henny interrupted again.

“Well, you see…” Max began.

Henny, feeling spicy interrupted again. “Because, as far as I can tell, you got what you paid for. I’ll go ahead and close out this ticket..”

“No!” Olivia interjected. “Let us talk please.”

“Okay.” Henny said, settling back into her seat and taking off her reading glasses and letting them hang by the little beaded lanyard around her neck. She crossed her arms and said “Go ahead.”

Max began to talk and Olivia put an arm across his chest to stop him.

“So, we go to the IOC and based on the advice of my friend we go to get some memories copied over. You see it, the sexual stuff and the interests and stuff. So at first it’s cool because he has knowledge of what it’s like to have my pussy and tits and stuff. And also what turns me on. Like - that was great. We actually had foreplay.”

Max began to get visibly hard and a bit uncomfortable in his seat.

“But then he starts to get specific memories, like first boyfriends and kisses and stuff, which was fine but a bit weird for both of us, and then he gets memories of- God this is embarrassing- my experimentation in college, which was short lived.”

“You were with Jasmine for 17 months and 4 days, Olivia” Max said with a grin.

“Okay fine, so not short lived. Anyway, so then he gets some memories of me and his friend.” Olivia explained.

“Okay, so still sounds like you got exactly what you wanted.” Henny said.

“Well, i guess based on what we ordered but you see, me and Max are in the middle of getting pedicures and reading our gossip magazines when he got that memory, and realized that Eric and I fucked a few times while I was talking to Max. Like we weren’t official, but it was a little fucked up.” Olivia said.

“Yeah! Like I can’t be too mad ‘cause we weren’t official or anything but now not only am I attracted to Eric I remember getting railed by the guy and sucking him off and everything.” Max said. "And I'm pissed at him for fucking Olivia when he knew we were talking."

“Well, You know we can’t reverse this. So you can’t forget that. If you think about it, you now have shared memories of this stuff. So, you kinda were the one to…” Henny did some clicking on her keyboard and squinted so she could see the screen “have a lingerie night with the softball team when you were mad at Jasmine, and were the one to…” She scrolled some “dress up as a Vivacious secret angel for Eric.” She said.

Olivia’s eyes went wide. “You can see all that? Can everyone!?”

Henny replied. “I only get permission for cases i’m on. Don’t worry I’ve seen worse.”

Olivia did not look relieved.

Max replied “Yeah so the issue is that I wasn’t the one to experience that. Like I remember it and It is cool. Like a huge turn on to be honest, but I didn’t do those things. And sex with Olivia is better than ever, but I just can’t help but feel a bit… unfulfilled?”

Olivia seemed a bit hurt.

“And it’s not Olivia, she’s been very into it. Like very much so, but i’ve got all these memories of being Olivia but can’t ever actually experience that.” Max continued.

“Well, I see your wardrobe has changed and you seem to have enjoyed some of the feminine things that your wife has enjoyed.” Henny said, hoping to get this over with soon. Her handle time was usually pretty quick but this one was taking too long.

“Yeah! Like that’s fine. We go with her girlfriends to the martini bar a lot, and I’ve had a lot of fun at movie nights with her friends and we pretty much only use Olivia’s profile on our streaming services now, which is fine, but I kind of miss hanging with the guys too. Like, I still want a Beer Liv. I want wings too - not just salad bowls all the dang time - although they are pretty delicious.” Max said.

Henny, half listening, pulled up an older resolution that she used as a template all the time.

“Okay, seems like your standard -I have memories of having a pussy but can’t enjoy them cause I have dick- scenario. I’ll get you guys a resolution to help you out.”

“Tell me more” Max said.

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