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19. The Final Reversal of the Gibs

18. A Different Kind of Football

17. The Reversals Continue

16. A Fateful Buttdial

15. Olivia Heartwood

14. Roger Gibson

13. Cecily Vanderfield, Nursing St

12. Zoe

11. Mayor Edmund Richards

10. Aunt Rachel

9. The Tools for the job

8. Elizabeth Callahan, Swim Capta

7. Back at Home, Jon Notices Chan

6. Susan McMillan

5. On the Street

4. Afternoon

3. Role Reversal (2)

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: The Final Reversal of the Gibson Family

on 2023-10-16 01:39:24

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'Ugh, why did I have to get partnered with Trevor' Michaela moaned inwardly as she and Trevor Donahue put the finishing touches on their group project. By which she meant, she put the finishing touches on their work, a presentation about Teddy Roosevelt, while Trevor was nearby. She'd come over to her classmate's house, being dropped off by her big sister, Juniper, to work two hours ago, and Trevor had been less than any help, always getting distracted. Luckily for the boy Michaela was a perfectionist and managed to get it put together mostly on her own.

Michaela was a 12 year old girl with long wavy dark brown hair, and big green eyes; she looked quite similar to her sisters, Zee and Juni, had when they were her age, if a bit more willowy. She was very bright for her age, though some of her teachers thought she was a bit too serious, and resented being paired with Trevor, instead of being able to select her own partner for this project. Today She wore a nice collared blue dress with a bow in front and a pair of white ballet flats.

Speaking of ballet, that was Michaela's big passion. Well, she liked dance in general, but she thought she liked ballet best and had dreams of being a ballerina when she grew up. She was quite good at it as well, having earned the lead in the last two recitals she'd participated in.

Michaela checked the time on her phone before announcing, "my mama's going to be here to pick me up soon." She started packing away the supplies they'd used to make their posterboard, "I'll take the project home with me." She didn't want to roll up that part of her project, since it would make it bend in, but even more so, she didn't want to leave it at Trevor's house where he could forget it.

"Uh sure, whatever," Trevor replied, "You gonna watch the big game tonight?" Michaela sighed, She didn't hate Trevor, but the two of them had nothing in common. Maybe it was because Trevor was into a lot a stereo-typically boyish things, sports, camping, plus gross stuff like bug collecting, and Michaela came from an entirely feminine househould, but the two really didn't click. She wished she could have worked with Stephanie instead.

"I don't believe so," Michaela replied. Even if she had some kind of interest in Basketball, the Madison-Gibson family were having a her aunts over for dinner followed by a movie night she was looking forward to. It was Juniper's turn to pick the movie, which meant it should hopefully be more interesting than last week when Zoe chose yet another Rom-Com.

Two small whirling dervishes blitzed through the room, Trevor's little sister Kacee and her friend Oscar playing tag. 'I need to get this put away, before one of these kids tramples Roosevelt' Michaela reasoned as she promptly finished stowing her things in her bag and rolled up their project. She had no idea that her role of Gifted Student and Aspiring Ballerina had originally belonged to Oscar or that he had originally been called Olivia.

A few minutes later, Roxie Madison-Gibson pulled up outside the Donahue place to pick up her youngest child, Michaela, who was quite happy to be going home.

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