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40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

37. Bamonte Manor

36. Our Dates

35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

29. New Family

28. Invasion 2

27. A Threat

26. Erica

25. Turning Up

24. Dinnertime

23. Arriving

22. A Party

21. Electric Fangs

Recruiting Nicolò

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That really got to him. Nicolò looked at me. "Let me get a couple of guys from the Rosey Faces back at the alley. I look out for them." he said. He was in. Now I just had a single chance to convince Ronan and Cameron about it too. I hugged him and said "Thanks for believing in me." He froze and said "Yeah, Mar. I get it. Stop hugging me already." I smirked and nuzzled closer. I said "We're in a gay brothel. None of the guys here are going judge you for a hug from your favorite childhood friend!" "Who says you're my favorite!" he said before giving me a noogie. He was laughing along with me. I knew that this was going to go well. That was when Cameron came out from the back. He looked at the waiting area to see if there were more clients. There was one. I had been here enough to know that the john sitting there was one of Cameron's regulars. He scurried close to Cameron. "Can you see me today!?" Cameron was surprised at the urgency in his voice. He laughed it off. "Alright. You sure you're okay? I can wait, if you want to. You usually come in the afternoon." he said. The john shook his head.

The brothel only just opened for the day. Cameron looked uncertain. Nicolò groaned and said "Do we have a problem here? Otherwise do your job." The john flashed us a deranged glare before he schooled his face. "There's no problem!" he said quickly. Something was obviously going on. Nicolò just narrowed his eyes at him. "You say something to me!?" he warned. The john then hid behind Cameron. Cameron sighed in exasperation. This was becoming a clown show. "Stop teasing them. Let them do what they came here for." I said as I put a hand on Nicolò's shoulder. He calmed down and the john was able to calm down slightly as well. The patron still looked really on edge as he went back with Cameron. Whatever qualms I had were quelled when the next 2 whores cam out to start the day. They were Jan and Ronan. Both of them came towards me since there was no one else in the lobby. "Are you here to bother Nicolò all day again!?" Jan asked with a smirk. He did not hide the fact that he really disliked Nicolò. Nicolò did not hide his deep dislike of them all either. I shook my head at him.

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