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5. AF: John, Divorced Father - Sa

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, mas

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

AF: John, Divorced Father - Sara's in

on 2023-10-01 00:20:10
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2023-10-01 10:50:30

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Aware FTM

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John cleared his throat, "Sara," cleared again, "Sara?"

"That's me," replied Sara coming into the place and closing the door, "but what about you?"

"I'm your father," replied John in a woman's voice

"I know you took the divorce pretty hard, but plastic surgery isn't the answer. At least not this close to the paperwork. No big decisions within 1 year of a big life change, remember?" teased Sara.

"I can't believe this is my voice. That medallion actually did something!" After Sara gave him a puzzled look, John explained his day until his daughter arrived. Sara then read the note and looked at the medallion.

"So you're telling me we have something that can change bodies, just about at will, in this apartment? I could make myself taller, or stronger or maybe give myself the perfect butt without working out, or maybe...I'll be back," said Sara before leaving. John texted her asking where she was going, but after not getting a reply, he figured she would be back. He looked at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out his face. After realizing that nothing of him remained in his now female face, he then realized it wasn't a relative he knew. Nor did he look at like any of the friends he knew about. He thumbed through the photo albums again, only to be interrupted by Sara coming back with some bags. She upended them, with new clothing falling out. John called out, " Sara?"

"Yea dad?"

"What're you up to?"

"I wanna try something. Any idea who you are now?" asked Sara while opening the new garments

"I'm still me, but I don't know who the face is. It's not in the photo album either," replied John as Sara took out her phone and took a picture with one hand.

"What was that for?"

"I'm going to google image your face and see what we get. Mind if I use your computer?" Sara asked rhetorically as she sat down at the computer. She e-mailed herself the picture and dragged it over to image find while in another window searching about the medallion. John just took in all his daughter was doing, trying to keep up. The facial search didn't turn up anything, just some false leads. Sara did have fun pointing out that google did pull up a porn star. The medallion didn't have any web presence on any search engine that was tried, whether using words or image searching. After awhile, John went back into the kitchen to eat that Thai food. Coming back into the room, he finally noticed that Sara had short hair, broader shoulders and triceps.

"Sara? Did you really use the medallion? Why did you become a guy?"

"Of course I used it dad, when would I get a chance to do this? Go big or go home. Wow, I sound like Brad, " replied Sara standing up. A 6 foot tall man in the clothing of a stylish 20 year old girl. John's now son dropped the clothing and medallion, "This is so cool. I'm taller than you now. Look at my guns!" Sarah took off her shirt to flex. "I love that I can just take off my shirt!" She continued to flex. John had to admit that Sara did look like Brad, not just sound like him. Sara took off her skirt and thong, causing John to avert his eyes.

"It's not like you haven't seen it before. You have one too, dad. Changing is so much easier without all the extra stuff. I forgot how it was like not to have to put on a bra" said Sara non-nonchalantly as she grabbed some boxers and put them on.

"TMI Sara. You're still my little girl, despite what you look like."

"Well dad, I think today we should do some father son bonding then!"

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