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15. DTH: Hop 33 - What to do about

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1. You Are What You Wish

DTH: Hop 33 - What to do about Zoe

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Arriving from Here

"–cking door or else!" Zoe's screaming voice came from behind the bedroom door as the DTH travellers appeared back in the bedroom.

"Ah, you've returned," Sage Jon said as he inspected the pair. "I assume because there are only two of you, the mission was accomplished?"

"Sure did, yup, straight there and straight back," DTH Jon said.

"Hm, that seems unlikely. From my observations, I've noted that you two have a predilection for becoming involved in unexpected adventures."

DTH Karyn chuckled awkwardly, "There may have been a detour or two."

Sage Jon waved his hand in a gesture of dismissal. "No matter, we must –"

"I know you are in there," Zoe said from behind the door. "I can hear you talking."

The three of them became silent which led the briefly calmed Zoe to start banging on the door again. She tried to wiggle the handle without success.

"I've got to deal with this," DTH Jon said. He pointed Sage Jon to beside the door. "The door should obscure you," he said quietly.

Sage Jon followed his instruction as DTH Jon leaned over and quietly unbolted the door. He pulled it open quickly.

Zoe who was still holding on to the handle fell forward with a cry. While that was happening Jon moved in line with the door, further blocking Sage Jon from view.

Zoe got on to her hands and knees, her long black hair swishing around as she looked around the room. "Where is she?" she asked as she used her viewpoint to look under the bed. "I know she's here." She used the bed to lift herself up on to her booted feet.

"She was here but she's gone back where she came from," DTH Jon told her.

"Don't try to deny..." Zoe looked confused for a second. "What?"

"She was you from a parallel universe."

"Bullshit, you're are fucking with me."

"He's not," DTH Karyn said.

"No surprise that you are in on it as well," Zoe sneered. "Everyone mess with Zoe."

DTH Jon had suspected she would take some convincing. "We're not messing with you," he said as he pushed the door closed revealing the other Jon.

"How?" Zoe managed to ask before being stunned into silence. Her brain tried its best to rationalise it. "A twin? How? Wait does that mean I have a twin? Is that who she was?"

DTH Jon could see Zoe was slowly making her way towards the door. Fear was overtaking her. "She wasn't your twin and you can't talk to Mom," he said, accurately guessing what she was planning.

"Why the fuck not? This is crazy shit."

"What if I could prove it?"

"Prove that my family has been lying to me, my entire life?"

"No, prove other dimensions exist and we can travel to them." Jon lifted up the DTH. "I use this."

"A Game Boy?" Zoe asked incredulously.

"It only looks like a Game Boy. I can program it to take us to other dimensions." He demonstrated by pushing a few buttons.

"How can that take you to other dimensions?" Zoe asked while pointing at the DTH.

"Like this!" Jon said as he quickly grabbed Zoe's hand before activating the DTH.

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