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14. Mikey Switches With a Perv

13. Jon Meets His New Mom

12. Role Reversal: A Wrong Number

11. Jon Gets a Phone Call and It T

10. Nadine Ferguson Switches With

9. Zoe the Chinese-Born Hippie Gi

8. Biff Meadows

7. Linda is Shopping For the Fami

6. So Who's Next?

5. Role Reveral :Stopping at a ga

4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: Mikey the Perv

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Mikey was glad to be out of the house, at the comic book store with his friends Benny Gates and Jimmy Maxwell. At school, he'd gotten a lot of harassment over the fact that the family that had adopted him was so messed up. It didn't really bother him so much when he was younger, but now that he was 10 (yes, not a teenager yet, but definitely considered a "tween", especially since he'd be turning 11 in just a few months) he started to take notice of things at home and feel awkward about it. Like his mom, for example. She was unhappily married. She tried to hide it, but it was clear that she wanted to divorce her husband Jim. Mikey didn't understand why they couldn't just work it out. They seemed to get along well enough. What he didn't know was that they were having problems "in the bedroom". His mom was a lesbian and wasn't sexually interested in her husband, which was why she was unhappily married. And then there was his Aunt Racheal, his mom's sister. She made it clear that she was only interested in dating other women. It wasn't really that much of a problem to Mikey how his aunt lived her life, as he always thought of her as being kind of cool. She rode a motorcycle, you know. But when his older sister Zoe (who was also adopted, being of Chinese descent) found religion, things got turned upside down. She kept harping on the fact that their aunt and her lover, not to mention their mother, were committing terrible sins against God and nature. Women were meant to be with men, not other women. To make matters worse, a year ago, their oldest sibling Jon had revealed that he was actually transsexual, wanting to live as a girl from now on. He/She even got a job at a local strip club called the Pussy Kat Klub. That was the last straw for Zoe. Now it was detestable this, and perverted that, like all the time. It was clear that she hated living there, and Mikey started to feel it too. Which was why he felt relieved to be out of the house, with his two best friends, hanging out in his favorite place - a comic book store. Comics allowed him to escape reality, something he wanted to do almost every day now. But he knew that he'd have to go home soon, as his family was having a special dinner night. His aunt and her girlfriend Krista would be joining them. Both Mikey and Zoe made it clear that they'd rather not, but their dad insisted, even threatening some kind of punishment if both of them didn't show up. So Mikey was trying to savor every last second of being with Benny and Jimmy.

While the three 10-year olds were looking at a bunch of Marvel comic books, a 32-year old man was looking at them. His name was Denny Price and he had a thing for young boys. He had a thing for a lot of things, actually, being a total perv, but above all else, young boys were what got him hard. Peering around the corner of one of the stands that held comic books, he shoved his hand down his pants and began to rub, licking his lips. Unfortunately for him, the guy at the checkout counter noticed him and what he was doing.

"Hey! Get the hell outta here, you perv!" the guy yelled, startling Denny.

Mikey and his friends only had a moment to turn around and look, seeing an older man with long greasy hair, wearing disheveled-looking clothes, before he ran in their direction, trying to flee the store, his hand still down his pants. "Hey!" Mikey shouted, as the man bumped into him on his way out. Suddenly, Mikey felt dizzy. When it cleared, he turned his attention back to the reason he was out with Benny and Jimmy. Not comic books. He didn't really much care about that stuff. He only pretended to like that stuff so that he could hang out with Benny and Jimmy. Not too long ago, he started to get sexual feelings, but not about girls. About boys. Specifically, Benny and Jimmy. As time went on, he started perving on a lot of things, actually, but watching his friends, that was what really got him going. It was almost like he was sexually interested in things that were normally taboo. Over the last few weeks, he had had dreams about watching his aunt and her lover having sex and touching himself as he watched. In another dream, he was having sex with his transsexual brother/sister. But the dreams that really got him going were the ones where he, Benny, and Jimmy were having a three-way. It was all so perverted, so wrong, but also so hot! But he couldn't let his "friends" know about any of this. It would scare them off, depriving him of all the chances to perv on them. He resisted the urge to put his hands down his pants, and continued to feign interest in whatever comic books they were looking at, opting to rather look at them instead. But, of course, time was running out. He had to get back home for that family dinner. It'd be such a turn on, looking around the table and fantasizing about everyone having sex with each other. All in all, he'd rather be hanging out with Benny and Jimmy, but dinner with his family didn't sound all that bad either. Too bad his Bible-thumping sister was going to be there. Though, maybe he could get her involved in his fantasies too. The uptight prude slutting it out? Yeah!

Meanwhile, Dennis Price was still in the store, grabbing a bunch of comic books to buy. He had had a shitty life growing up and he found that comic books were a great way to escape the reality of his life. He couldn't wait to read the newest DC issues. Comic books were practically his life!


Jon was hesitant to leave the bathroom, especially considering what he looked like now - apparently trying to look like a girl, wearing a pink bare-midriff spaghetti-strap top, black leather leggings, and stylish heels. Already, things had gotten so messed up. His mom looked like some kind of female jock, his aunt was now a lesbian, his sister Zoe was now Asian (and a devout Baptist) and his brother Mikey was black. And on top of it all, Jon was now apparently a transgender girl working at a strip club! The only saving grace was that all these changes would only last a week, but how was he going to get through seven more days of this? And how much worse could it get? After all, his dad (Jim) hadn't changed yet, and neither had his brother Mikey. Though, unknown to him, Mikey had changed ... into a pervert. If Jon was having second thoughts about his wish now, just wait until he met his new fucked up little brother. Mikey would be stuck like that for an entire week, since Jon couldn't use the stone to end the wish early. He specifically stated that it would last seven days.

Taking a deep breath, Jon opened the door and headed downstairs.

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