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13. Jon Meets His New Mom

12. Role Reversal: A Wrong Number

11. Jon Gets a Phone Call and It T

10. Nadine Ferguson Switches With

9. Zoe the Chinese-Born Hippie Gi

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6. So Who's Next?

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4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: Jon Wants a Sex Change?

avatar on 2014-01-14 14:54:11

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After pulling up his leather leggings, Jon washed his hands and then adjusted his make-up. Wait a minute, make-up? He stared at himself in the mirror and saw that the make-up smoothed over any coarseness of his face, making his features appear quite delicate. But that's where his femininity ended. The rest of his body may have been thin, but it definitely looked male. If he successfully covered up his body, he could pass for a girl.

Jon grabbed his head. Why oh why hadn't he excluded himself from that wish? Now he'd have to live the life of a stripper for the rest of the week. And it seemed that not only did he like guys now (did that make him gay?), but he apparently wanted a sex change.

The stone could help with that, though. No surgery required.

"What am I thinking? This isn't normal. I'm only like this because of that wish. I don't really want a sex change ... right?" he said to his reflection in the mirror.

A knock at the bathroom door broke him out of his thoughts. He turned and opened the door and saw his new transformed mother. She looked very muscular. Not body builder muscular, but it was obvious that she worked out a lot. And her hair was very short and boyish-looking.

"I'm back from the store, Jon. Remember that tonight is our family dinner," she said. "I don't want you sneaking out to go to work early. Got it?"

"Uh, sure," he said, still trying to wrap his mind around his new mom, not to mention the fact that not only did he work as a stripper, but also that his mom apparently knew about it and was okay with it.

"Racheal and her girlfriend will be here soon. So you better get downstairs." Then she turned and headed down the hall.

"Did she just say Racheal and her girlfriend?" Jon asked himself aloud. "Is Aunt Racheal a lesbian now?" Things had just gotten weirder.

And it was about to get weirder yet, because right at that moment, Jon's new adopted brother Mikey was switching personalities/lifestyles with someone at the comic book store him and his friends were at, browsing for new comics to buy.

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