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19. Nick & Megan : living room pla

18. Nick & Megan : living room pla

17. Nick & Megan : bathroom play

16. Nick & Megan : After the movie

15. Nick & Megan : The movie

14. Nick & Megan : that afternoon

13. Nick & Megan : Robbed

12. Nick & Megan : going out for b

11. Nick & Megan : Next morning

10. Exhausted

9. Nick & Megan : Heck Yea

8. Nick & Megan : Toys

7. Nick & Megan : using some new

6. Nick new lack of assets

5. Megan's new assets

4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Nick & Megan : living room play 2

on 2023-03-27 01:30:24

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"Don't worry about the pants either, unless you like wine covered pants," said Betty, "which is fine, it's a free country."

"I'll be right back," said Nick going into his room for another pair of pants. He couldn't put on dress pants, cause that would look weird, and this was his only pair of sweatpants. Fortunately, he found a pair of jeans and put them on without issue. Walking out of the bedroom and going to get more alcohol, Betty gave him a look over. He bent over to get the extra beer under the sink.

"Dang Nick, you have some junk in your trunk. I couldn't see it in your sweats, but your ass is doing it for me, and I don't say that to many guys. The hairy ankles, not so much " stated Betty. He stood up and took a good look at the jeans, which were the pair Megan was wearing yesterday. Great, now he was wearing her panties and jeans. Nick was in his own thoughts and started back to the couch.

"Not only do you have a nice booty, but you really now how to show it off with your strut. I know girls that would kill for that. What's your secret? Pilates? leg lifts?"

Nick stopped walking while drunk mind tried to think of an answer He remembered what Megan does in her workout and blurted out, "squats and yoga."

"Well, it's working for you. I'll do some squats now, so I can catch up," announced Betty standing up and then going straight into doing some squats counting when she was going up and down, "1...2...1....2..1...whoa!" shouted Betty as she landed on the ground. A moment later she was laughing, "maybe I'll do more at the gym tomorrow."

Amber and Megan came into the living room shortly after that and the group sat on the couch, not finishing the movie before they were all asleep, Amber leaning on Megan and Nick leaning on Betty.

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