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2. Zoe Gets Her Own

1. You Are What You Wish

Zoe Gets Her Own

avatar on 2023-03-04 14:31:47

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Zoe Gibson burst into the house in a not-unfamiliar rage. Her brother Jon had done it again. Another argument over who-knows-what, but because he was two years older, he got to win by default. No matter what happened, no matter how old Zoe got, Jon would always be older, always be above her.

The teenager paced the living room as her brother talked to his friend Karyn in the front yard, probably telling her how stupid Zoe was or something. She fumed and absent-mindedly picked up a little red rock that was on the coffee table, squeezing it like it was a stress toy. "I just wish I knew how to get under Jon's skin. I wish I could make him understand what it's like to be the little sister."

Zoe didn't even notice the warm glow that emanated, twice, from the object in her hands. But after another lap around the room she put it back where she'd found it and turned her attention to her bedroom where she could distract herself with her own things for the afternoon.

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