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2. Karen Changes Again

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2010-04-18 02:19:07

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Jon got home and after spending the evening with his family, he went to his bedroom and sat on the bed. He held the stone up in his hand, thinking of all of the things he could do with this, but mostly his mind kept returning to one thing: Karen

Jon had a crush on Karen for as long as he could remember and now, after she had changed herself, Jon wanted to change his relationship with her. He held up the rock higher and whispered.

"I wish that Karen, as soon as she goes to bed, becomes pregnant with my daughter," Jon whispered to himself.

As the stone glowed, Jon had the urge to look away from it and then turned back, a smile on his face.

Karen pulled her nightdress over her head and picked up her brush from her dresser. She stared at herself in the mirror as she brushed her long blonde strands. Oh how she wished that she HADN'T wished for her longer hair and her bigger breasts. The pair of D's that hung on her chest felt heavy and she really wanted them gone.

"I can't wait till tomorrow, then me and Jon can fix this," Karen said as she put her brush down and got into bed.

As soon as she pulled the covers up and turned off the light, she felt a mild tingling sensation in her belly. She thought nothing of it and relaxed. Suddenly the tingling increased until it began to hurt.

"Ow!" hissed Karen as she placed a hand on her belly and froze.

Her hand, instead of feeling a perfectly flat stomach, came in contact with a slightly rounded one. Karen pushed the covers down to her knees and stared in shock at her waist. Her belly was growing rounder and rounder as it pushed outward. The pain increased as her hips widened into birthing hips, causing Karen to whimper. Her nightdress began stretching and becoming tighter until with a loud rip, the bottom part of her dress ripped in half, fully exposing her still growing belly.

"What is-ow-happening to-ow,ow-me?" whimpered Karen as tears slid down her cheeks.

Finally after a while, the pain finally stopped and her stomach stopped bulging outwards. Karen struggled to sit up, wincing every time pain flared from her waist. She carefully leaned herself against her headboard, wiping tears from her eyes and placed her hands on her big, round belly.

"W-What happened? Why d-did my bel-OH!" Karen exclaimed as she felt a jolt from her belly, it almost felt as if something had kicked it...

Karen, again, froze as she felt another kick from her belly.

"What? How did? I mean, I didn't...How the heck did I get Pregnant!?"

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