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3. Jon's Decision

2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

Safe Stealing

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Aware Body_Swap Part_Swap Unaware

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So, the sun came up, Jon awoke from his restless slumber to the sound of the birds chirping and the rays of light coming in his window. He had a vision of inspiration last night during his sleep that could help him and Karyn. He wanted to see if he could work out a way to put it to use.

Jon wanted to implement a way that would allow him to change his form without requiring using the stone "“ and a very carefully worded wish to ensure a reversal. He reasoned if he could figure out a way to do it, then Karyn could use it to get her body back to normal.

Unfortunately the only idea he could come up with was a way of swapping body parts between people, nothing else seemed to achieve the same goal with any sort of permanence without side effects like "irreversibility" or downright "freakiness" that could cause a riot if done in the wrong place.

Jon figured out what he needed to do, now the next step was to figure out how he was going to "handle" the wish against the rock and how the power would be controlled. He'd read stories and seen things on TV where people had done stupid things and ended up "punished" for their lack of foresight, Jon was not going to let that happen to him. He tried to work out how he was going to word his wish so that it would do exactly what he wanted. If he was too vague, he could end up with unfortunate consequences, even though he could use the stone to fix it, it would be better if he avoided that possibility altogether rather then trying to "damage control" it later.

Jon's thoughts rolled through to some of the stories he remembered reading when he was a kid, specifically people with supernatural abilities to change shapes, Mystique from X-men for example or Odo from Star Trek, trying to think of the "best" way to implement his form changing wish. The only problem was that these particular forms of form changing required a lot of mental activity. Jon was afraid that he would not be able to word a wish well enough to give him that kind of control, and if he was unlucky and simply said, "I wish I could shape shift like bleh", he may end up looking like a blue skinned woman with red hair, or looking like an incomplete version of himself that would collapse into an oozy puddle every day No, he was going to get this right.

The best thing that Jon could think of, was a code word, something he could say that would be able to trigger a swap, The only thing he could think of was, "Give me those" and then stating an item afterwards, of course, that would sound silly in regards to singular objects, so he'd have to word the wish right so that it would support the natural singular version of "those"; "that".

So, Jon has his code now, after a bit of tinkering, he believed he came up with a perfect wish that could be used. He was going to break this down so that he could make sure that nothing went wrong. Going over to his shelf, he picked up his wishing rock carefully in his hand, thinking very carefully about his wish, he spoke slowly and carefully as to not rush the wish and make a mistake.

Holding the stone in his hands, he spoke, "I wish that when I say the phrase 'Give me', anything following this phrase until the conclusion of the sentence I will receive from the person I am pointing my finger at, and the person get what I have of what I am receiving".

So basically, in laymen's terms, if Jon pointed his finger at someone and said "Give me those fingers", essentially the fingers on Jon's body and the person he points at would switch. The rock flashed and Jon felt a little tingle at the same time.

Jon spoke again, "I wish that when I say the phrase 'you can have it back', the last person I traded parts with will get back what they had before the trade and that I will get back what I had before the trade'

So far so good, he had his wish in place and a reversal that didn't cancel anything out. There was another flash and another tingle.

Jon spoke for a third time, "I wish that with all the trades, excluding myself, everyone will believe that myself and the person I have traded parts with have always had what they received. However, I also wish that if I were to point at someone with my middle finger, only the person who I am pointing at and I will be aware of the trade and that if I point at someone with my pinkie finger instead everyone will be aware of the trade that has taken place. I also wish that if I point out exactly what has been traded to a person they would be able to recognize the trade has occurred if the trade was done by any finger other then the pinkie finger"

So, three flashes of the rock and a slight tingling sensation each time, Jon knew that meant that the wishes had been granted as requested, whether they worked was a matter of trial and error now.

So basically Jon could now swap parts with people, If he used his index finger, only he would know something had changed, everyone else would think that the two people who swapped were always like that, if Jon used his middle finger, apart from being extremely rude at whoever he points at, he and his target will be the only ones who notice a change, and if he uses his pinkie, everyone will know something's amiss. He didn't really need all that extra options he wished for, but Jon tended to be a prankster once things worked out and he figured that he didn't need to stop the wish with just fixing Karyn. Especially if she could join in with his "games" when they were done.

Right, now Jon had a wish in place that was pretty much watertight at this point, he just needed to find someone to test it on and find a safe place to stash the rock in case he needed it. Last thing he needs is his mother throwing it away, or someone to break into his room and steal it.

Jon put the rock in his top drawer, but before putting it away completely, he made a wish to the rock. "I wish that the wishing rock will go unnoticed by people unless I directly draw their attention to it, in which case they will be able to notice the rock and interact with it until they lose sight of the rock in which case it will again become unnoticed. I wish that at any time, I know where the rock is and am able to find it"

Boy that was a mouthful, Jon thought to himself, But better safe then sorry.

He stashed the rock safely away, now it was time to find someone or something to test it on. Considering it was early morning, Jon's father had gone to work, Zoe, Jon's younger sister by about 9 months, would probably still be getting ready go out like she always does, and Mickey would already be gone. He may not be able to find anyone at home who he could test it on.

Jon got up and left his room, he looked out the hallway and couldn't hear anything, he figured everyone must have gone out. Slightly annoying but Jon can work around it, Jon headed down the hall to test out his wish.

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