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2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

Moral Issues (Remastered)

avatar on 2009-05-25 12:56:08
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2024-07-15 04:11:08

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Jon tossed and turned all night. The thought of the new wishing stone as getting to his head, all the potential power behind it was keeping him from sleeping properly. Crazy dreams from ruling the world to sleeping with the Maxim Top 100 were coursing their way through his mind, keeping him from having a decent sleep.

Of course, the darker thoughts were sneaking their way into his head too, the fantasies that most people would never dream of considering due to the obvious impracticality or illegality or downright evil nature of executing such a fantasy. Most of which had long been dismissed as the impossible ravings of a madman suddenly seemed all too real to Jon.

He slept restlessly all night as he contemplated the power behind the seemingly insignificant stone that his uncle had left to him. Some of the darker evils in his persona were wearing down on his morals thanks to the new ammunition that the stone provided

He could do WHATEVER he wanted and no-one could stop him. Let's face it, he reasoned, there's not much holding people back from evil acts except that someone could stop them down the road.

What was he to do? Jon's thoughts kept circling back to the one constant in his life, Karyn. Karyn is his best friend; she'd been there practically from the very beginning, all the way from their first day of the beginning of school to their now near conclusion of high school's final year. He always cared for Karyn much deeper then any other person, but he was as spineless as a mollusc to do anything about it.

As a result, he felt a sharp pang of regret over what had happened to her during the day, Karyn had done something stupid on a whim and got herself into a bit of a problem. Of course, any red-blooded male would not mind that her assets were much improved over their "factory standard" but Jon believed that it was up to Karyn as to how she wanted to look, and she obviously has a different opinion. It was all Jon's fault that she was stuck like this.

He thought of her lying in her bed, fingers playing through her new "unnaturally" naturally long blonde hair that definitely did not suit her, and touching her new larger breasts. Jon's thoughts drifted from the regret back to the deeper feelings he had for Karyn, he wished he could be more then just friends.

Jon and Karyn had always gotten on so well, he'd usually be the first one she'd complain to about her lousy date, or how poor the pickings were when it came to reliable men. Jon would always sit there listening to her ranting but never summoning up the courage to push their relationship beyond simple friendship. At times he suspected that she was waiting for him to do so and was giving him openings to advance but fear always got the best of him.

That little evil thought at the back of his head worked its way forward into his mind again, he COULD have her if he wanted.

Jon had reached a dilemma, he could wish for him and Karyn to be together, he could wish them to be in the relationship that Jon always wanted her to have; he could wish that she felt the same way about him as he did about her and skip all the pretence and worry. But would that really be the same as true love?

And then there was the other thought, if he really wanted it to be "real" and not just something achieved magically by a strange artefact, he'd have to seriously win her over somehow beyond a doubt. Karyn was upset with her new anatomy, if he could somehow fix what she did to herself, maybe she would open herself up to Jon and he could win her heart.

If he was smart enough, he could use the magic and still know for certain, one way or another if Karyn could ever love him the same way he loved her and have it be real!

It was decided, tomorrow he would use the stone, he'd win Karyn over, whatever it takes.

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