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197. In Nova City

196. Toxic AEP

195. Impact AEPs

194. The Convoy

193. More Twins

192. Hard Alliance

191. Radioactive AEPs

190. Dysthymia Row

189. Some Mercy

188. Half AEP

187. Father Keith

186. Unit 06660

185. Compromising

184. Requisition

183. A Hit Man

182. The AEP Date

181. New Upgrades

180. Party Debrief

179. AEP Unit Sex

178. The Party

Escort Complete

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Having that instantly burn throughout my body really hurt. I was instantly hot and then cold and hot again. My head hurt a lot. I bent over in agony. His poison was really no joke. Saying that it would hurt was an understatement of the highest order. Paul touched me on the shoulder and it all went away for me. That was the perk of having a Devil as a friend. I still played it up for appearances. "Ow ow owie ow ow! It hurts. I think I am dying!" I cried out and whimpered. "Oh no! Brianne. You are really in bad shape. We should just go and die." Paul said, going along with it. He looked at us and then blocked the exit to the bathroom. "No way. I can't get the bounty for myself unless I confirm it. Let me come with you." he said. Paul smiled and said "Alright. We have to go for a drive. You might as well come to." "There is no space in the cab of the truck." I said quickly, glaring at him. "He can sit on my lab. And-" he tried to say. "Don't!" I interrupted him. He looked at the AEP unit and held his hand. "If I have to shove my dick in his ass to make room, I will. I want him to get that bounty." he finished.

It was up to them. I wanted nothing more to deal with it. "Just come on." I groaned as I pushed past them. I got behind the wheel and we continued to drive. They wanted to know why Paul was with the AEP unit. I had to explain to them that we had strong anti-toxins and magic that we found in the other continent. It was a giant lie, but I could do healing magic. So, it was not that hard to get through an explanation. They were all very interested to learn about it. They were not able to get there. Maybe they would when the game advanced to the point where all the servers and sub-worlds were connected. In the meantime, Paul was probably having a great time having his own personal fuck toy on his lap for the rest of the journey. It took us several more days in-game to get to Nova City. Then it was time for 06660 to take over and get us to the hospital. We had to go through the back. How else were we going to get the X-frames in their clan building? Members from the clinic that were not part of the clan were manning the hospital. It was all way too important to be left unguarded for so long.

Just as Paul hopped out the cab of the truck, the toxic AEP unit was still wrapping his legs around his waist. Paul was more than strong enough to support his weight. "I don't understand how you can both be standing! Maybe you're just really strong and need a better dose." the cyborg said as he saw me. He puckered his lips and kissed a reluctant Paul again. I saw Paul's knees buckle. He was still on his knees when the AEP unit pulled away. "That should do it." he said as he reached out for me. I just moved out of the way quickly. "Damn! You are a hassle." Paul hissed as he slowly got to his feet. His nose was bleeding. I pointed it out. "This is a level 80 poison. Give me a break here. It fucking hurt." he snapped as he snorted up the blood and spat it out on the hospital floor. "Hey! This is a hospital! Keep the area clean" the leader of the clan snapped at us. We were technically still not done. It was not over until we secure their X-frames downstairs. The PEP and AEP units could handle themselves. It was a done deal. No one could possibly stop us now. The elevator was 15 yards away.

Killing us was not possible and I saw the AEP units go straight to work. They were going and around looking at patients. We got all 3 of the X-frames to the large freight elevator. Both Paul and I had to wait alone on the loading dock since we technically had a hostile unit on us at the moment. As soon as the doors closed, the mission was completed. The pain had made Paul go soft long ago and the toxic AEP unit was standing around next to us. We had told them that we were going to catch a plane back. The PEP units of the clan waved at us as they went to work. It was time to call up 08927. We crowded around my phone. He picked up on the third ring. "Hello? Is something wrong?" he asked. I said "We're in Nova City. We need a flight back home. Can you get the plane at Neo-Rutten and pick us up?" There was a beat of pause on the line. He said "You know that I'm in Jazni Town, correct? It will take me days to get there." "That's fine. We can wait a couple days. It's a new city for us. We can be tourists." I replied. "I can't go today. Due to your advocacy, I was made a full member."

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