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192. Hard Alliance

191. Radioactive AEPs

190. Dysthymia Row

189. Some Mercy

188. Half AEP

187. Father Keith

186. Unit 06660

185. Compromising

184. Requisition

183. A Hit Man

182. The AEP Date

181. New Upgrades

180. Party Debrief

179. AEP Unit Sex

178. The Party

177. The News

176. Car Accident

175. AEP Mission

174. Ambassador

173. Generator

06660's Proposition

avatar on 2022-09-25 08:17:47
Episode last modified by 1Ryguy1 on 2022-10-01 10:47:06

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Being that his body was literally made for childcare and breeding, 06660 was there a lot. His nipples also produced a nutrient paste that PEA units could use for all their nutritional value needs. He was chestfeeding his personal offspring when I saw him the next morning. He looked at me and smiled. "You seemed to be the most involved and interested in them. You have been the only one that has made more that 2 trips here since we brought them in." I just looked back at him and smiled. "I have to be as the clan engineer. This is part of my job." He put the 2 PEA units down in their cribs and walked over to me. 06660 just brushed against me. "Do you want to take a small break? I don't mind letting you use me for a bit. "You want to have sex with me!?" I asked. "I find you interesting. A human officer caring for his clanmates is rare. I have seen lots of humans that were nice and kind to get some benefits and then left to never be seen again." "We're in it for the long haul." I told him. "I'd like to keep in touch with you. Especially since we are allies now." he replied as he stripped his jacket.

06660 smirked as he unbuttoned his jeans. As he lowered them under his hips, I saw he was going commando. "Everything is okay. They'll be fine with all of it as long as you keep your end of the bargain." he told me. "And will we be doing anything else as part of our alliance?" I asked. He hummed as he pulled my shirt off of me. "Nothing much. Maybe send us your research. It might be a pain if we need to start from scratch." 06660 said. That was fair. It did not lose me anything for us to bring them up to our level. In fact, it would behoove us to do the same with the Heat Clan. That way our faction would be the best on the continent. The next phase was completely on the backs of our clan. We did everything and spread out our stuff for others to use. The Researchers only had 2 hubs out of the 13. We needed to be smart and dominant. I said "That can be arranged. Just appoint an engineer and send them to me. We can make a generous trade." He smiled and replied "My rewards are really "generous" as well. You don't need to worry about it." Liking what I was hearing, I nodded my head.

He walked to the wall on the far end of the lab and bent over with his ass in the air. His hands were flat on the wall and his legs were spread apart. "Males self lubricate just like the females. Let's get all this over with and test the reward you earned." he said over his shoulder at me. I already knew that. He did not know about me. 06660 was still a hot guy and I could see his 8-inch dick and big balls hanging under him. It was somehow much more intimidating than with Niko or Sunny. He was a powerful unit that was going to be a major figure in the PEP world. I gulped as I approached him now. I undid my pants as well. I closed my eyes and gave my cock a few strokes with my hand. When I was hard enough to get inside, I leaned over him and looked at his incredibly toned body. He had wide child bearing hips and nice muscle tone all over his body. I grabbed his right hip and slowly penetrated. Once inside, it was unable to be compared to any PEP unit. I thrust in and out of the cyborg below me. His ass vibrated, rolled and sucked on my dick. I barely lasted five seconds in that tight ass.

He wisely knew not to say anything to take away from my concentration at all. "Get ready. I'm about to cum." I said with a very embarrassing voice crack. This was not a very manly or competent moment. Luckily we were alone her in the lab. When it was right at the head, I grabbed both hips and went as deep as I could with my spurts of cum. I leaned on top of him as I was tired. The physical and mental strain was no joke. He was a cyborg and could easily take all the weight. I got the popup. I could only look. 06660 and I were different races so there was the -50 penalty. My base fertility was still 777. His was 100. That was still a 877% chance of pregnancy. It was a certainty now beyond a doubt. When I looked at the menu, I saw why he was smirking and motionless. He was not here because he actually had feelings for mE. This was just a job and he knew he only had to get the human off with his magical asshole. There was a -150 penalty as he had the ability to reject sperm ejaculated into his womb. There was also a massive -555 penalty due to the abortion failsafe that he had.

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