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187. Father Keith

186. Unit 06660

185. Compromising

184. Requisition

183. A Hit Man

182. The AEP Date

181. New Upgrades

180. Party Debrief

179. AEP Unit Sex

178. The Party

177. The News

176. Car Accident

175. AEP Mission

174. Ambassador

173. Generator

172. Power Outage

171. Civil War

170. The Organ

169. Cracking It

168. Push It

The 1st PEA Unit

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Because they were in the same clan they were much more tender with each other. Because X-frame sex was so intense and pleasurable, they went at it like rabbits. It was a really big show. I liked it. After the leader came in his pussy. He confirmed that he was incubating 3 AEP units. Everyone from our clan was shocked. It should have only been 1. "Like we said earlier, better units result in better offspring and more efficient use. My usability in a combat scenario was greatly reduced for breeding capability. As such, I can incubate more offspring even in an X-frame." he explained. That meant that Radioactive Clan would have a strong roster of 5 AEP units instead of 3 of them. They would be inside of the X-frames for 9 weeks. In the meantime several things happened to our clan. Niko and Keith both visited me at the clan building halfway through their gestation. Keith had a small bundle in his arms. He was carrying a PEA unit. Probably his latest child with Sarah. He was scowling heavily and dragging his feet. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Is something wrong?"

There was a flash of anger on his face, but he suppressed it. "This is the only PEA lab in the area. That means all of them born in town will come here for upgrades and rest. I have to bring in the ones from my clan here." Keith said through gritted teeth. I just looked at him and reached out my hands for the baby. "I understand. I'll take them in." He begrudgingly handed them over. "Can't believe my kids are now in this human's clan." he grumbled out loud. I blinked. "Are they supposed to?" I asked. He gave me a disgusted look. "No, they are going to be government agents. Of course they are in your clan! No one else has a place for them. I did not like that. I looked at him. He was angry and upset. "Keith. You are my hole brother. This means this child is my family." He glared at me. "Now we are getting into this again! I told you-" he said before I shut him down. "Shut the fuck up for once! God, I am trying to help you. You know I care about you and Sarah. Your dream is to raise a family with her. If I can help you as their uncle, I will. You can come and take them home every evening."

Narrowing his eyes, he said "What's the catch?" I looked at him and told him the situation about Radioactive Clan. He just looked more annoyed. "So you're saying that you're too good for my offspring now !" he accused. I groaned. "Not everything is a competition, you idiot. I am saying, we will not accept them as a member. Just think of this a daycare. You drop him off in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoon. You can live the domestic life you always wanted and then recruit your child into your own clan when they are old enough." He smirked. "What's in it for you?" he wanted to know. "Seeing your proud ass strutting in here everyday holding hands with your kids as you hand them off to their uncle." I smiled back. He rolled his eyes. "Of course you want to push that lie. Gross." he said. Keith could not help but smile though. It was everything Keith had ever wanted. "We are working with on our own AEP unit. We just have to get the male X-frame back from the Foundry." he told me. "Good. Is there anything else or will you be taking them back for the day now?" He took his kid.

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