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174. Ambassador

173. Generator

172. Power Outage

171. Civil War

170. The Organ

169. Cracking It

168. Push It

167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

159. Arrested Again

158. Hostile AEP

157. The Lemonade

156. Another Party

155. The Fashion

The Switch Up

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Feeling confident, 06-001 came over to us. Paul and Brett were with me. They were a bit annoyed they were out of the loop, but it was very important that they be here and not attack them. We made sure to stress the threat of a big civil war that would fuck us over in the long run a lot. 06-001 said "Since we are allies now, it only makes sense that we have ambassadors from our clans. You can choose one of your members to live with us. I have been chosen to live with you." Paul, Brett and I looked at each other. Having and ambassador did not make sense. We did not have one for the Volition Clan. They probably just wanted to spy on us and find a weakness they could exploit. However, gaining another AEP unit was pretty nice. I called Chad over. He was perfect for the role. He was a bonus unit that we did not need. He also was not carrying an x-womb. We really did not need their numbers to grow. They did not really like the choice. Obviously, they did not appreciate the fact that he was a very low tier PEP unit. He was a bit surprised that he was chosen. I pat Chad on the shoulder.

It was funny how his chest puffed out as he walked with the PEP unit. I did not know how they were going to get back. 06-001 flew him here. Apparently, they were going to drive. Chad could drive a cab. It was not like we could not make more. They left and 12-001 went with them. 06-001 came back with us. It was now very early in the morning. We let 06-001 have a luxury apartment that we set up for them. It was made very nice for him. He seemed to be happy with it. We let him relax there until the morning. Everyone else went to their own rooms. The labs were for research and not comfortable living quarters. When the sun rose high in the sky, Peyton and Connie were in a jocular mood. They took Ashton, Kendall, Riley and Lola out of the apartment building and they were all smiling. I was out on the street with 06-001. He was a massive hater. 06-001 was questioning me about the clan operations. It was not like I had a need to sleep. Since the officer positions were all held by humans, he was very disdainful. Brett and Paul were all too happy to saddle him with me. We had history.

Getting together made them really happy. It made me happy to see. 06-001 looked at them in confusion. "Why are they hanging out with halfbreeds!?" he asked. "Those halfbreeds are my biological children. Peyton and Connie are their half siblings." I explained. 06-001 looked upset. "AEP units don't have siblings. Especially not with a human halfbreed. I will go set them straight." he declared. I put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Stop." I warned him. I was not going to allow him to mess with them with that bullshit. The group passed and they told me that were going to the park. "The garden isn't as fun in the light or something?" I asked playfully. They laughed out loud at the joke and Lola said "No! We want to go on the swings. I wanna do flips!" I waved them off and said "Go ahead and play. Just be safe out there. Remember, we make sure that no one gets in trouble. Help each other." They walked down the street towards the park. "Do not mess with my kids. I am serious." I told 06-001. He just shrugged. "Why would I waste my precious time on them?" he scoffed. I rolled my eyes.

He was so close to getting slapped. It would not change anything though. In fact, it would only make things worse. Sterling, Ashley, and Tracie walked out the apartment building next. Ryder was also on my case about hanging out with Ashley. Sterling was Sparks's child. I knew it would mean the world to him if I treated Sterling well. Due to that, I walked over to them. 06-001 followed me. They looked at me questioningly. "I wanted to hang out with you today. Did you have something planned, or do you want to go to the park?" I offered. I watched as they looked at each other. They were conflicted. Sterling was not really looking to do much of anything today. Ashley just wanted to check the lab for a mission. Tracie was willing to go to the park. I pinched the bridge of my nose. That was not really conclusive. 06-001 pushed past me and stood in front of them. He sighed and said "Let's all go on a mission. I wonder what you guys will be assigned." They nodded. It seemed that they all wanted to impress their new clan ambassador. We went down to the AEP lab. I stood by while they sat down.

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