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168. Push It

167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

159. Arrested Again

158. Hostile AEP

157. The Lemonade

156. Another Party

155. The Fashion

154. New Outfits

153. More Members

152. Change Clothes

151. Teasing Keith

150. The Children

149. A Large Gift

Backed in a Corner

on 2022-09-15 22:01:41

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Being the one in control, I said "I have something else for you. Catch." I tossed him one of the drives with the logs from 12-001 on it. He caught it and looked at it. "What is it!? You think I'm dumb enough to slit any drive a mark gives me, huh?" he demanded. I shrugged. "Some information you should know." I said. He just groaned and said "If your friend codes like he fucks, I have nothing to worry about." 06-001 sat up and his jacket and shirt melded into his body to reveal the chest port under his right pectoral muscled. He opened it and slotted the drive. "This better be worth it." he grumbled. He then looked shocked. "Where the hell did you get this!?" he yelled in anger as he glared at me. "Who do you think? It was your friend. I got it straight from 12-001." He shook his head in disbelief. "No way! He wouldn't do that." I shrugged it off. "I got all the secrets about the hub." Killing me was impossible for him. I watched as he gnashed his teeth at me. He then smirked. "There's no way you got anything out of him. Everything here is encrypted. You'll never crack it, dumbass." he gloated.

That was until I took out the second one. His face went ashen. "Oops. Looks like I gave you the wrong one. I already cracked it wide open. I know everything. I think you are out of options, kid." I said. It was all a lie, but he did not need to know that. He tried to grab for it, but I held it out of reach. "Nope. You guys came after us. It is our right to find out why. I will give you something though." I tossed him the kill switch and explained how it worked to him. "It's your call now. He fucked up big time and we got the information from him. You can kill him now, or you can track him down and try to rescue him. But he will always be the one that gave humans this large gift." I said. I wanted to know what type of "person" this AEP was. Was he the type to mercilessly sacrifice his comrades, or would he risk everything to save them? This was what I was going to get an answer to. The kill switch was on the bed in front of him. "How did you even find him? He was in the hotel!" he snapped. "Why do you think I let Orange distract you in here? He was just down the hall until we came in." I explained.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, there was a look of genuine pain when he closed his eyes. "Dammit. How did this happen, 12-001. We can't have traitors to our cause in the clan. Sorry." he said. He then held the kill switch tightly in his hand as he pushed the red button. I looked at Mason. "Can you confirm that he died?" I asked. Mason shrugged. "Well, you know how they're just babies. I wanted to give him a fighting chance. If he can't find a way to deactivate it in an hour, his AEP organ will explode and kill him in the process." he explained. "But will we know if he dies." The green light on the bottom of switch will turn blue when a confirmation of death is received." he said with a nod. That was more than fine with me. "He was confident that he could do something about it." I added. "Even if he gets past it, I'll just have to track him down. It would be better for everyone if he died now." 06-001 said bitterly. I shrugged. "You still have to find the body and clean it up. Who knows what research the government could get if they got their hands on an AEP corpse?" I reminded.

If he was not thinking about it then, he was certainly thinking about it now. He bolted out the room, USB still sticking out of his chest. I smirked and said "They really are like little kids." I then turned to Mason and said "We're going to the library. We have some good information. We will probably be richly rewarded for it." He sighed and decided to come along. Orange was leaning against the wall. "You didn't forget your promise already, did you?" he demanded. I said "We're busy. Tell me what it is. We have to go to the library." He said "I want a human mate." I blinked in confusion. "Don't you already have sex with the humans that buy your private shows?" Orange just said "All this time, I have been nothing but something to breed with or bring pleasure. I want someone that likes me for me. She asks me to dance and talk, but we never have sex. I respect her for respecting me. She recently asked me to date. I want permission." That was a simple request to grant. "Go ahead. Just remember that sometimes hostile operatives will clock PEP units and lead them on to kill or study."

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