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167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

159. Arrested Again

158. Hostile AEP

157. The Lemonade

156. Another Party

155. The Fashion

154. New Outfits

153. More Members

152. Change Clothes

151. Teasing Keith

150. The Children

149. A Large Gift

148. The Water Clan

A Dead Lay

avatar on 2022-09-15 21:56:52

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Sighing, he rolled over on his stomach. "Fine! I might as well use my slit. That will be the real test of how it feels. You guys can do it." he said gesturing over to us. I just scoffed out loud. This was fucking ridiculous. They did not see it the same way. He was being really cheeky for someone in the enemy's lair. Rookie mistake. Mason was just too into cyborgs and thirsty to get over the obvious temptation. Something wasn't right. The two AEP units hate humans and wanted to kill us. "Why would we do that!?" I asked him. "Because you've both been totally erect for at least 13 minutes out of the 15 we were at it." he gloated. Mason gulped audibly. I just looked at him in the eyes. "You know we are in a strip club ran by our clan, right? We can have sex with them whenever we want. Why would we do it with you now!?" I said out loud as I pinched the bridge of my nose. Mason had the decency to look shamed at least. That was good. "Because..." the AEP unit trailed off confidently as he moved so his ass faced us. He slightly raised his hips to show us his puckering asshole and genital slit.

Rolling my eyes, I knew he was laying it on thick. This was definitely a ploy. "...My nanites can do anything. I am a near perfect being. The PEP units might have some of the special upgrades to serve you, but I doubt these mid and low tier units have them. You can't imagine the things I can do for you." Mason looked at me and clasped his hands together pleadingly. "We won't get to the bottom of this lead until we bite it." he said, trying his best to sound as if he was being objective here. I groaned at him out loud. "Just make it quick. Jeez, you really are a freak!" I said. He looked happy as he rushed over to the bed. Mason shimmied out of all his clothes. 06-001 moved back to his position on his stomach following the length of the bed. Mason was rock hard as he got behind him and politely asked to grab his hips. 06-001 looked over his shoulder at him and nodded. "Fine. Do whatever you want to do. I want to see what an ugly human male like you does for mating. I bet that your semen is barely fertile enough to impregnate a female human." he smirked. Mason said "I guess we will see."

Doing his best to not make a fool of himself, Mason made an effort to go as hard and deep as he could. His pace was not the best, but he was only human. There was a funny look on his face as he tried to keep up. No way was he was going to compete with Orange or any of the other PEP units. Still, it had to feel pretty good for him in there. 06-001 allowed Mason to hold his left hip as the human pumped into him. I could tell from his face that he was very bored. He could not feel anything. Aside from that, he was practically a dead fish. He was not moving to meet the thrusts or even pretend to enjoy it. He just looked forward and laid there, limp on the bed. 06-001 did not do anything with Orange, but the tingling sensation from his ass was enough to keep him interested at least. The young AEP unit did not have even that here. Mason went for 4 minutes before he stopped to take a break. "I feel really good. I'm pretty close. How's it been for you?" he asked between heavy breaths. 06-001 did not even turn to look at him. "About as good as I thought it would be. Just ejaculate." 06-001 said.

Mason did not look like he wanted to end it so soon. "Y-you don't have to worry. We can go longer." he tried to offer. "No. I'm done with you. Ejaculate. Now." the AEP unit snapped imperiously. "But-" was all Mason could get out his mouth before he grunted and moaned. 06-001 looked annoyed. "Dumbass. I tell you to ejaculate, you do it." he berated. Mason grunted again and his whole body shuddered. He pulled out and he was flaccid. Thick cum just oozed out of the slit. "I wouldn't have had to milk you if you just listened to me." "That was some suction." Mason said with a grin when he caught his composure. He was still horny. The cheeky AEP unit turned to me. "It's your turn. It's been a long time coming. I want to take you on." he said in excitement. He obviously knew that I wouldn't be able to satisfy him. He wanted to embarrass me and mock me. That was not going to happen. I walked to the bed and said "Not going to happen." He smirked up at me with a challenging spark in his eyes. "Are you scared. Your friend hear at least has balls even if he doesn't have skills." 06-001 taunted.

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