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162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

159. Arrested Again

158. Hostile AEP

157. The Lemonade

156. Another Party

155. The Fashion

154. New Outfits

153. More Members

152. Change Clothes

151. Teasing Keith

150. The Children

149. A Large Gift

148. The Water Clan

147. The Void Clan

146. AEP units

145. Our Defense

144. The Breeding

143. Cyberpunk Island

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Very likely, what the magnetic AEP unit said was true. It was up to us to find out. I looked on his chest for the port that they used to communicate with the transmission hub. It was on his right pectoral. It was covered by a panel that I had to pry open. Once it was opened, I connected a cord to Mason's computer. I told him to look around and see what he could find. "Try to see if you can get info on his messages from the hub. That could be a start in finding out the truth." I ordered the PEP units to remove any stray pieces of metal that he could use to free himself or attack Mason. They struggled to their feet and looked around. They were still tipsy. I had to point out a plate with a steak knife on the table next to the computer. Mason gave a nervous smile and said "Maroon and the others are great cooks. I've been taking my dinners in here for the last few days while I eat." That was totally fine with me. I did not make it a habit to eat during the game. Caleb picked up the plate and the knife and stumbled out the door. Maroon walked in and looked at me and Mason. I asked him what he wanted.

Wincing, Maroon said "Someone wanted to speak to the two of you." "What's wrong?" I asked. He looked really upset about something. "I don't know. I just have to give you the message." I looked at Mason and then at Maroon for a moment. "I'll go. Mason, you keep going with the hacking. It is way too important to the clan. Maroon, you should stay here. I don't want you being too uncomfortable." Maroon shook his head. "He's not bullying me. It's just that he wanted me to bring you both no matter what. I don't think I can force either of you to do anything. That makes me... feel bad." That was weird. "Who told you to bring us?" I wanted to know. He shrugged and said "He told me not to say." "You definitely can't go back to him. Just tell me where he was. Stay here with Mason." I ordered. He looked a bit worse. Maroon looked defeated and stood next to Mason. The person that needed to see us was at the bar. I went over there and saw that it was the first AEP unit. He was even wearing the same outfit from the restaurant. He looked at me and then frowned. "Where's the bartender!?" he asked.

Yawning, I said "He's a part of my clan. He listens to me. The question is why he listens to you." He puffed his chest and said "I am an AEP unit from the next phase of our evolution. The PEP units naturally do as I say." That was something to be concerned with. Luckily, all the humans in the clan were in officer positions. People had to do what we ordered regardless. I sat next to him and sighed. "Why the hell are you here? I thought that you flew away." He frowned and said "That was just a strategic retreat. When neither of you were following me anymore. I came back. I asked around and learned that this is one of your businesses. Mason is a human that works here. I wanted to talk to him too. Where is he?" There was no way I could tell him the truth here. "He is busy with his new assistants and can't come over. I was just with him and he is alright." The AEP unit scowled. "That won't matter when I finished with you guys." he spat. I just shrugged. He was totally sober and looking around. "Nice place. I'm sure the humans here all have a great time looking at perfection." he mocked.

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