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153. More Members

152. Change Clothes

151. Teasing Keith

150. The Children

149. A Large Gift

148. The Water Clan

147. The Void Clan

146. AEP units

145. Our Defense

144. The Breeding

143. Cyberpunk Island

142. Volition Joins

141. Taking Stock

140. A Questline Part 3

139. Sexy Times

138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

Some Low Tier Units

on 2022-09-08 10:48:03

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Creeping around and spying was not something that I wanted to do, so I decided to just leave. I decided to walk in the park. There was a long path that led to the track. It was an Olympic-sized track. In the middle was a bunch of workout equipment. There was a trio of bench presses and pullup bars. The benches were fixed at 180, 45 and then 60 degrees. There was a rack with lots of weights to add to the bars. There were several people working out in the center and a few running laps. I was not going to work out. There was no point. I could not take the gains with me into the real world. There was nothing to do, so I decided to just watch. After about an hour, my cell phone began to ring. I picked it up. It was Paul. "You got to come back. We don't have the AEP lab or the PEA lab. We'll need to add some generators too." he said. That was something. I just looked at my phone in confusion. It was something that I could do as the engineer. I thought that he would just hack in and do it himself. It was nice that he was including me in this. "I'll be right there. Just wait a bit." I told him as I hung up.

I decided to run since I was pretty far into the park. As I was running, I bumped into someone and fell to the ground. I was fine, but that was weird. I looked up and saw a male PEP unit looking nervous and reaching down to pick me up to my feet. I let him help. He was wearing rags and I knew that he was new in town. All the PEP units in town were part of a clan and they made sure they were taken care of. He said "I'm so sorry! I was just told that you could help me. I didn't want to hurt you. Are you okay sir!?" I looked at him more closely. He had a milk chocolate skintone with a lanky body type. His hair was short and black, and the eyes were a dull brown. If I did not know any better, I would think he was blind. I asked for his designation. He rubbed the back of head nervously. "That obvious, huh!?" he asked. "You're a bit too sturdy for your body type." I said. I was not going to just tell him about my eyes. His designation. was 0911. That explained his eyes. He was one of the last ones rushed out. As that was the case, I would not expect much quality from him. I just sighed. He frowned.

Doing something was important. I did not want dead weight in my clan. We had already come so far. Then again, there was a solution. Volition took the weak ones in and gave them all the x-wombs. With that, they made them incubators for the clan. He could be one. With the desperation he needed to have to travel from somewhere else and the high number, he probably would not be too bothered. "Listen. I'll let you join, but you will be the assistant and incubator for Mason Ladip, a human reprogrammer in our clan. That means taking an x-womb. Is that alright with you?" He looked really nervous. "It's not just me. I came with others. Can they join too?" he asked, then looked down the path. I followed his gaze and saw two more PEP units." I sighed darkly. He flinched back. "Fine. But the same deal applies. Go see if they'll agree." I said. He ran over and told them the news. They talked amongst themselves for about a minute before returning to me. One was a scrawny, pallid guy. His hair was silver, and his eyes were gray. He was 09872. The female was a tan D-cup young dirty blond.

Even she was 08982. That was not good. I asked how they got here. They did prostitution and some tough hacking missions. Together they got enough money together to pay for a trip out here on a bus. "I told him what all the terms are. You will all get the x-womb and become incubators under our human reprogrammer. Is that honestly good with you?" I asked. They nodded. "Fine. Come with me. I have to go to the clan building anyway." I said as I turned my head to the proper direction. I then started walking. I did not want to leave them behind. Who knew what would happen if I let them go on their own? It was a miracle that no one noticed them already. We made it to the cab depot. Everyone in the clan was already there. We went down the elevator and the low quality cyborgs were awed. The others looked at them with confusion and then displeasure. I raised an eyebrow, but no one really wanted to say anything. That was probably for the best. I cleared my throat and introduced them. "We have new recruits. They'll be working under Mason." I explained. The others lost their interest.

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