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152. Change Clothes

151. Teasing Keith

150. The Children

149. A Large Gift

148. The Water Clan

147. The Void Clan

146. AEP units

145. Our Defense

144. The Breeding

143. Cyberpunk Island

142. Volition Joins

141. Taking Stock

140. A Questline Part 3

139. Sexy Times

138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

133. Jail Break

Counter Trolling

on 2022-09-08 10:43:50

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I was certainly not expecting that. To be fair, his synthetic fluid tanks were near infinite, so I was quite lucky that he stopped after a dozen seconds. He was daring me to say something. I just gave him an incredulous look. There was only one thing that came to mind. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah." he answered. I just rolled my eyes and walked into his room. He frowned and followed after me. "What the hell do you think you're doing in my room, huh?" he demanded as he stood in my way. I sighed and looked him in the eyes. "I can't go outside covered in your cum. People will ask questions. Namely your own clanmates." That got him to let me I just took off my clothes and left it on the floor. I then raided his closet for fresh clothes. There was a yellow shirt and black jeans. I put those on. As I was going to leave, I saw another picture in his room. It was a painting of Sarah and several other people. I just looked closer. Some of them looked vaguely familiar. "This is really good Keith. Who are these other people?" I praised. Keith scoffed and said "This is just my clan. It's not even that amazing."

As I looked at him, I asked why he was not in the picture. He shrugged at me. "I can't paint and pose in the picture at the same time, can I? Of course I am not there." he said condescendingly. I forgot that they did not have the artistic range or creativity to move further than photorealistic images of what they see. That doesn't mean that you could not add yourself in anyway. If it was me, I'd just tell them to leave a gap open so you could add yourself at the end. Don't you feel lonely? Many great artists do self-portraits using mirrors or previous references of themselves." I countered. He rolled his eyes. "Please. Sarah made her own image of us that day. I'm in that one." he said with a proud smile. It was nice to see that. Even though art had no meaning to him, he did it because Sarah did it and taught him. "Keith. You're really amazing. It's just like a fairy tale." I said before I could stop myself. He just looked shocked. He the narrowed his eyes. "You are really insane. I hate you. I hate humans. I have tried to kill you multiple times. How the hell do you not get that!?" he snapped. I just shrugged.

Being that I was so strong, I did not really care about that. He would never be able to kill me in a 1 on 1 fight. I also liked annoying him a bit. Keith just ran his hands through his hair in exasperation. The strategy of annoyance was working really well today. "Get out of here. I have some upgrades to install." he said. I was being kicked out. "What? Not going to invite me to your secret clan building? I showed you mine." I teased. He just began pushing me out of his room and down the hall to the door. It really was the end of his patience. "Get. Out. Of. My. House!" he said as he shoved me out of the doorway of the apartment. I made it hard on him, but I did let him move me along. He had superhuman strength, but I was just as strong if not stronger. I could have stopped him. Unfortunately, I tripped over the doorjamb and landed on my butt. I looked at the PEP units at the door. They looked very amused at how roughly I was being treated by their leader. We were rival clans after all. Keith then looked at his guards and said "You come in. I have to speak to you about something." They nodded.

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