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20. Our Success

19. Finding Girls

18. Cruising Together

17. Talk It Out

16. Walk Home

15. Mike Accepts

14. Choose Jack

13. Tryouts

12. Turn Tables

11. Confrontation

10. Movie Night

9. Proposal

8. The Plan

7. The Exam

6. A Demonstration

5. Introduction

4. Damascus Boy's Academy

3. Beginners Luck

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Mike's Problem

on 2022-07-31 09:28:24

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Mike sighed through his nose as he watched them walk down the block. "You know what that bitch said!? She said I had bug wings!" Jack laughed and said "Sometimes the ladies want someone like me, a guy that won't buzz them off." He got a number and a date planed for the next day. Her name was Jane and she could make ice with her hands. "She was came with you, dude. Danielle was totally going to give you her number until you ripped that massive fart as she touched your wings!" I looked at him and almost died laughing. "You... did what?" I choked out as I tried to hold back my laughter. "Look, I was nervous. I was almost getting used as a gang toilet last week. I wanted a to be with a girl, but then she said that about my wings. Then I just focused on my food. I didn't know their burgers would make me rip ass like that. I was startled. My wings are really sensitive." I nodded and kept my composure. "I get it. I am sorry. But at least you know it is possible to get one yourself. Just lay off the burgers and learn to take a joke for once." He nodded thoughtfully. "I guess I can." he added after thinking.

Kyle snuck behind him and brushed his wings. He farted again and everyone aside from him laughed. It was the wet and greasy kind of fart. It was fucking loud too. My guts were hurting from the laughter. Mike was, at first, pretty embarrassed. That did not last long as he then lunged to get one of us in a headlock. I blinked out of the way of his arms. We all ran from him as he chased us. It was the most fun I had in a while. When he did eventually catch us, it was easy to evade him. Because he had just admitted it, running our hands across his wings made him flinch and we could slip out his grasp. That was not the only thing that slipped out. He was still pretty gassy, so he continuously farted everytime it happened. It was just as funny at the first time it happened. When it was my turn, I set him off and he moaned lewdly as another loud fart came out. Everyone paused. I could not help myself and I did it again. His thighs rubbed together as he farted and we could see he was rock hard. "You got half hard from your wings and farting?" Jack asked. They did not know that he was a sub too.

He was red in the face and panting. Whether it was from arousal or embarrassment, was hard to say. Most likely it was a bit of both. "Let's call it a day. I'll take him home now. See you tomorrow, guys." I said before I blinked a few blocks away with him. He looked at himself in disgust. "What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I really going to be one of those pervert Subs?" he asked put loud. I lightly brushed his wings again. He farted and moaned a bit softer this time. I did it again twice more before he shoved me away. "Stop fucking with me!" A really big one was ripped out of him right then. He grabbed his junk and was twitching. "Fuck! I gotta hold it in!" he said, more to himself than to me. He would probably cum if I got him to fart again. He was hunched over. "What the fuck was in the burger you ate?" I asked him as I bent down to look at the strain on his face. He really trying to hold back with all his might. It seemed as though we had both at a crossroads of fate. We were dangling at the edge of something new. The only real question was whether or not to push Mike and I over the edge together.

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