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19. Finding Girls

18. Cruising Together

17. Talk It Out

16. Walk Home

15. Mike Accepts

14. Choose Jack

13. Tryouts

12. Turn Tables

11. Confrontation

10. Movie Night

9. Proposal

8. The Plan

7. The Exam

6. A Demonstration

5. Introduction

4. Damascus Boy's Academy

3. Beginners Luck

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Alexandria Girl's Academy Girls

on 2022-07-31 09:27:05

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Shady and mean looking people and delinquents were probably the ones most likely to be a villain in this world. That was probably the way things were stereotyped. If stereotyping was so wrong, why was it always so right in a day to day scenario. Even I had seen some guys that looked way too shady to be up to anything good. It was still a major put down for my ego either way. I was about to gather the guys to call it quits and go home. That was when I saw a group of girls walking by. I could tell from their uniforms that they were from our sister school, Alexandria Girl's Academy. I ran in front of them and said "Hello ladies. Want to go to the local fast food place? Us guys will pay. All we want are lovely companions for the afternoon." They guys heard me and came by my side. Out of the six that were there, only three seemed interested in the offer. A fourth one sighed and said "I'll take chicken nuggies and fries please." I nodded and offered my arm. She looked nervous but took it. "You're really going!?" one scoffed. The three that were interested picked their guy of choice and that was that.

Since there were ten of us, we had to take up multiple booths. The booths themselves only fit four people. I sat next to Kyle and across from the two girls that chose us for the date. Mike and Jack were on the next booth with their dates. It was the holdouts who had the third booth to themselves. I got to talk to Chelsea and Rosalyn. They were a year younger than us and so did not have their second genders revealed. That was good in a way. We did not have to worry about getting rejected for being too submissive. Chelsea really only wanted to eat, but Rosalyn was giving us a chance. We talked about ourselves and how we were in the tryouts. Kyle was the one to tell them that we had the scholarships for the hero courses. Even Chelsea looked impressed with that. "So you two must have some impressive powers. All I can do is speak to plants. Nice in the countryside, not so much in a big city like this. I wish I had a useful ability." Rosalyn said with a sigh. "Don't let that stop you. Go be a hero in the countryside. I thought I would be left behind too until someone stuck up for me." Kyle encouraged.

I was impressed with how open he was being. "I can turn into animals." Chelsea offered. "That's a great power. I bet it is really easy to get around and achieve all sorts of tasks that way." I said positively. Shape shifting was no thing to sneeze at. She blushed and looked back down at her food. "...Thanks." she whispered into her fries. "I've been telling her that this whole time! I'm glad someone else said it." Rosalyn beamed. It was great that the four of us were getting along. When the food was done, we exchanged numbers. Kyle and I got both of their numbers. "Thank you for taking us here." Chelsea said. Rosalyn nodded in agreement. "That's okay. We all just wanted to make sure you guys were doing okay. Maybe we can make this more than a one time thing. I'll call you on Saturday and maybe we can catch a movie." Kyle offered as he stood in Rosalyn's personal space. "Yeah. I'd really like that. It's a date Kyle." she said. I looked at Chelsea and said "I'm free on Friday after school. We can go to the mall." She nodded and the two joined their friends. Kyle and I fist bumped when the group left.

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