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146. AEP units

145. Our Defense

144. The Breeding

143. Cyberpunk Island

142. Volition Joins

141. Taking Stock

140. A Questline Part 3

139. Sexy Times

138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

133. Jail Break

132. C-JAM 719

131. Fully Caught

130. Ground Game

129. Back in Dwan

128. The Location

127. The Fixer

New Units at Play

on 2022-07-24 12:30:29

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Since they were prototypes, there were to be some flaws to be expected. It would change when they unlocked their own sexual upgrades, they would have offspring that would be the AEA units. Looking at them, they had no external genitals. It was behind a genital slit. They had an anus because they needed to eat and expel waste. That was fine, I guess. While they had biometal on their limbs and jaw, they could add more plating by "flexing". If a unit got startled, agitated, or aggressive, they would add plating to their chests, legs and backs. Otherwise, they were all smooth and soft to the touch. All of them had a special internal organ that allowed them to use the type of affinity they were made from. Our clan had pierce, wind, radioactive and toxic X-frames. Volition had sonic impact and radioactive ones. The AEP units had organs that allowed them to use those elements in special ways. The big Impact organ made their black plating super-heated. The Pierce organ allowed them to deploy claws and talons. Wind organs were lotuses they could spawn for purposes. It was a special X-frame.

It would probably manifest differently for the normal wind X-frame couple. The Radioactive organ could radiate out energy for passive AOE damage to hostiles. The Toxic organ allowed them to poison things, adding a damage buff to any ammunition or weapon. The Sonic organ allowed them to create shockwaves to cause AOE damage to enemies. Since these were all hybrids, they had at least 2 abilities. It appeared that the AEP units were set to be instantly hostile to all of the humans. Since these ones were part of our clan it was set back to simply negative. They did not want to be near us unless they wanted us to do something for them. That could range from just observing us, escorting them around the island, showing off magic or gossiping about other humans in the group. Even though they were fully developed, they had the mentality of a bunch of precocious children. Mason was a target for the most bullying. He was only 5 foot 9. The AEP units were over a foot taller than him. So when they shoved him out the way or actually insulted him harshly, Mason could do nothing.

The ones in Volition Clan were very aggressive with us. They were from an allied clan so they could not attack. However, they could definitely try to provoke us all into a fight. Whether by walking up and flexing, engaging their organs but not firing off, using fighting words, or by blocking our path deliberately and trying to trip us. Paul, Brett and I were way stronger than them. When they postured to us, they were just like kids. We did not mind them. All we did was just pat them on the head and baby them. I honestly wanted to get them to like us more. That usually infuriated them, and they would go off in a huff. Leaving us alone until the next group of AEP units wanted to do something. Mason got it the worst. He was now a high level, but he was not aware of it. He also was more of a technocrat and not an athlete. When surrounded by 3 of them, all he could do is crouch and whine. Volition Clan AEP units were keen on "conquering" him. When the reprogrammer would crouch, they would just put their feet on him and cheer. "Stupid human!" they would chant at him. Could not be any of us.

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