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115. Sneaky Keith

114. A Close Call

113. Hitchhiking

112. The Captives

111. Our Infiltration

110. The Clan

109. God-tier Boss

108. All My Exes

107. Our Victory

106. Black Sheep

105. Our Turn

104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

Ambushed from a Distance

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He was able to escape the deluge of liquid that was poured on us. The RV sped off from there. "Did they splash us with salt water!?" I asked as I looked at my clothes as they dripped water. Nathan and Mandy were both on the ground writhing in agony. Luckily for us, our depot was on the outskirts of the town anyway. I picked up Nathan and Ryder took care of Mandy. Once we got them to the depot, I looked around. Sparks was there, relaxing in the lounge. "Get them in a cab and take them to get fixed up. I want to talk to them when they are feeling better." he nodded and took Nathan from me. He put the PEP unit in the back seat. Ryder put Mandy next to him. I looked at the intrepid Ryder and said "You should go get your reward. You earned it." He nodded and said "I guess I'll be back here later then." I nodded at him. I decided to walk around town on my own. I was going to see what was going on at the police station. Depending on where the charge ports were, I could implant them all into the police force. That would help give us ultimate control over the town. I could not wait.

Itchy all of a sudden, I smashed my head into the glass window. It was not due to my own volition. My face was launched forward. Before I had known it, I was shot by a toxic sniper round. The glass shattered and I fell into the store. It was already closed since it was so late. I was able to get up and brush myself off. I had no clue who did it. There were no syndicates that were after me anymore. I only had a couple of rivals in town. "What the hell was that!?" I snapped in annoyance. I needed to find them and teach them a huge lesson. That was when an X-frame jumped down in front of the store. "How the hell are you still standing after that!?" a familiar voice said. It was a just as annoyed Keith. His X-frame was different from the one that he had the first time we fought. "Are you sure you want to use hers now!? What if this one gets stolen too?" I teased with a smirk. "There won't be a repeat of last time. I'll make sure of it." he said. I raised an eyebrow. "If a sniper round with toxic bullets from super far range couldn't do it, what are you going to do?" He paused. He knew it was futile.

It was time to fight. He was using another XF-10F model. This one's breasts were way more pronounced. Last time we fought, all I had was my Ether weapons and holy magic. I still had magic, but this time I had the cheat rifle that I never had to worry about running out of bullets or needing to reload. The match last time took over an hour. This time, it only took about 20 minutes. He could launch balls of toxic slime at me with this X-frame. He also did a better job as he was now used to piloting. I also think he knew better than to face me on anything less than a full charge. I was drowning him in a hail of bullets as I run circles around them. I laughed as he tried to hit me, but I would jump and roll out the way. Keith was pissed off. When he was all the way down to critical, he tried to run, but he could not outrun bullets. The X-frame fell on the ground, inoperable. Keith crawled out the back of it again. I walked over and had my gun trained on him. "You're seriously a human!? This does not make fucking sense!" he snapped. "Yep. Cry me a river." I said as Keith tried to just crawl away.

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