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114. A Close Call

113. Hitchhiking

112. The Captives

111. Our Infiltration

110. The Clan

109. God-tier Boss

108. All My Exes

107. Our Victory

106. Black Sheep

105. Our Turn

104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

Getting Road Head

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Feeling that we were scott-free at least, I leaned on Ryder and said "It's been fun, but the sooner we get to town, the better." "Yeah. I just want to get back to work." he responded. The ride was uneventful. There was some back and forth from the siblings every now and again. I thought it was nice. The punks were sneaking glares at us when the humans were not looking. Harriet moved so that she was sitting next to Nathan. "You look pretty handsome for a guy hitchhiking." she said as she rested a hand on his thigh. "What about us, then? Are we that ugly!?" I asked in jest. That got some laughs in the RV. Nathan and Mandy did not laugh though. "No. You guys are good. It's just that Nathan here is a bit my type." she said as she ran her hand inside his shirt. He looked nervous now. "You feel like you have some nice muscles. Are you going to show us?" she asked. He shook his head. Why not?" she asked with a predatory smirk. They were onto him. "I-I... I'm gay alright!" he snapped as he pulled back from her. Mandy said "Leave him alone already. This isn't funny." It was right.

I was just watching them do this. I did not want to rock the boat. This was not my vehicle. It was their fault for following us on the RV. If it was us, we could easily kill them and take over. Since it was not, it was easier to just let things happen. Letting the chips fall where they may would allow us to have some positive contacts in Neo-Rutten for the clan. Having the cops in your pocket was a good thing. It would take some time, but we could certainly do it. Paul, Brett and I were not PEP units after all. We could use them for leverage. Ryder looked on in concern. If they were onto Nathan, they could be onto Mandy or Ryder. I would not allow any of them to put a single hand on him. That did not extend to the other's because they annoyed me. Mandy was also being flanked by Kyrie and Leslie. She was also clearly in danger if they suspected they could be PEP units. I was partially obscuring Ryder from view from how I was leaning on him. I was awake and it was clear that I was watching what was going on. Mandy and Nathan both looked at him at points for rescue. Ryder did not.

Going out of her way like this was not a laughing matter. She wanted to expose him for what he was. Jacob sat on the opposite side of him. He had been there the whole time watching. "Then you won't mind making out with me for a bit. There is the tradition of road head to attend to. We wouldn't want to miss an opportunity." he said. It was not a question. Nathan glared at the floor. "Well? What's it going to be?" Terrance asked from the driver's seat. I did not even realize that we had slowed down to a halt. It was no man's land. He had nowhere to go. "Fine. If I have to do this, then no one touches my sister!" he said. He straddled Jacob's thighs and glared down on him. The human only smiled. Sharing a long kiss, Jacob had no qualms letting his hands roam all of the cyborg's body. Jacob even reached into Nathan's jeans to knead the plump flesh of his ass. From the self-satisfied smirk on his face, his charge port was probably under the protective covering of his jeans. Jacob only gave him a sharp smack on the ass and said "It's time for the road head." Nathan just glared at him.

It was not going to change the poor position he was in. He got on his knees between the man's legs. It was better to get it over with. There was also a much reduced chance that his pants would be torn off. As a PEP unit, he was just made for this. Nathan was able to deep throat the man without a gag reflex. He cupped the balls and massaged his thighs. Jacob was not able to keep up with the cyborg. He came after a couple minutes. Nathan refused to swallow and spat the cum on the floor. "There's your road head. Are we done here!?" he snapped. Jacob was way too fuzzy headed after blowing a load to care. Harriet was miffed and crossed his arms. She rolled her eyes and just said "Sure. Why not." Kyrie looked at his brother and said "There you have it. Let's go. We wasted enough time on this shit as it is." Terrance just nodded and the old RV began to move again. When we got over to Dwan Town it was our stop. Mandy said "We'll get off here too." she said. Ryder went in front of me. Nathan and Mandy followed us. As we were leaving, I shoved Ryder out of the way hard.

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