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113. Hitchhiking

112. The Captives

111. Our Infiltration

110. The Clan

109. God-tier Boss

108. All My Exes

107. Our Victory

106. Black Sheep

105. Our Turn

104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

After the Rescue

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Doing it quickly meant going all out. Just because there were alarms going off now, that did not mean that armed guards would spawn on top of us. Wherever all of their guns for defense of the facility were was where they all had to go first. There were also probably some lockdown measures to prevent a long-term assault on the facility. I blasted everyone that I saw with a hail of bullets. We made our way over to the exit. I told them that we were going to get to the cab. I also went in full detail about where the cab depot was. The ones that could hear nodded. "Take the keys and make your way to the Foundry. Once you fix yourselves up, meet us there." I instructed after giving one of them the key. He only had 1 arm, but he looked like he could still drive the car. We walked them out of the building and around the back to where the car was parked. They were still in lockdown mode and were not sending anyone out. Cops were probably also going to be dispatched. The one with keys got in the driver's seat and all the others huddled down in the backseat to keep up appearances.

Incidentally, as the pulled off from the sidewalk, the first police cars barreled into the parking lot. I put my rifle away and wrapped my arm around Ryder's waist. "It's way too late. We can't make it back in for the others now. All we can do is hope the ones in the cab can get out of the city okay. All of the police should be distracted with this mess." Ryder said. "Hopefully they keep to themselves." He then looked at me as I walked him along away from the facility. "What will we do now?" he asked. "We own a cab service. We can call them to pick us up. Or..." I trailed off. "Or...!?" he asked. I said "We could hitchhike. It could be fun." He looked at me and said "I don't know. The humans in the area might be on edge." I shrugged and said "You can call if you want." He furrowed his brow and said "You really want to hitchhike through that no man's land? If things go wrong, we will be stranded." That was true. Eventually, he said "I ran the calculations. If it's with you, we'll have over 83.69% chance of survival." We decided to walk to the city limits. From there, we made it obvious we wanted a ride.

Even if we wanted a ride to our town, that did not guarantee that we would be given that ride. The first few cars passed us by. A shady drug dealer called out to us. The woman was wearing a trench coat. "Hey you. You pretty boys want to buy something nice? I got what you need for a low price?" she said. "No. We just want a ride out of the city. I hear Dwan town is nice this time of year." I said. She just sucked her teeth and moved on. I did not mind. A pair of PEP units came and looked at us. One of them looked directly at Ryder and said "Hey. You want to come with us? We can give you a better place to stay than that scrub can!" It was a spunky female unit. They were wearing ripped jeans and punk t-shirts. I wanted to play around a bit. I grabbed Ryder by the waist and said "Who the hell would ever go with you guys!? This is my best friend and I love him like a brother. He's not going anywhere!" He looked really confused at the situation. The angry PEP units glared. "C'mon. Throw that fleshbag away, man. You can tell he's no good from the way that he's grabbing onto you."

I loved riling them up. An RV pulled over and the driver opened the door to talk to us. It looked like a middle-aged man. "Hey. Did you guys want a ride out of the city? My brothers and I were going to a wedding in Volta City. We can drop you off along the way." 3 other men and a woman were in the back and poke their heads out to get a look at us and say hello. We got on and so did the PEP punks. They looked at bit more nervous about it. We introduced ourselves as we got on the road. The driver was named Terrance, an off-duty cop that was taking time off to go to his cousin's wedding. One of his brothers and his sister, Jacob and Harriet were also cops. Kyrie was a worker at a meat plant and Leslie was a teacher at a high school. Apparently, police work was the family profession. I went next, followed by rider. We actually had verifiable jobs. Our reason for being in the city was to visit my sister. The lie was easy to keep straight. The punks did not have a good reason to be on the trip. They did have some human names though. Nathan and Mandy both claimed to be siblings.

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