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2. The Wishing Cat

1. You Are What You Wish

The Wishing Cat

avatar on 2022-07-02 22:16:38
Episode last modified by Ms. Cork on 2022-07-02 23:05:10

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The stone warmed in Jon's hand as he made a wish that, in retrospect, was likely unwise. The boy dropped the stone on his bed with a carelessness that would be surprising to anyone who hadn't heard the wish he had just made, the consequences of which were unimportant. How could they be important when they had no bearings on the life of the most important being in the world? The fact that the stone had become warm, however...

Four small paws leapt from the carpet to the bed as Leopard Nimoy inspected this new arrival to his world. Leopard had not lived with the Gibsons for very long, but he was already quite comfortable in their home. They provided him with food and water, an adequate amount of scritches on the head, and here, apparently, was a new luxury: a warm stone for him to lie upon.

And so, not wanting to appear rude, the cat gratefully accepted this tribute and lay down upon the warm stone, tucking it under his furry, white chin.

Yes, this was the proper way to live: an entire bed to oneself and a warm rock to nuzzle with. Oh, was there anything else in the world that a cat could desire? Well, Leopard's mind began to drift, if he were to have any wish right at that moment, it would be...

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