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105. Our Turn

104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

Manual Breeding

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Pushing inside of him felt great. Even better than when I was with Nikolas and Sarah. I grabbed his hips and thrust in and out of him. "You doing okay!?" I asked him. He smirked and said "You already know it, Brianne. As long as you're doing good, I'm fine." That was good to hear. I began thrusting inside him. Not only did his ass grip my dick tight, he also vibrated. The walls of his asshole also constricted and rolled along me. I wondered if this was a new upgrade or if it was standard. Nikolas said he had gotten new upgrades in his ass. On the other hand, I saw Keith get someone else off while sitting still on someone's cock. Honestly, it could go either way. It was not something that I would be able to find out though. There was nothing anyone could do or say that was going to get me to go ask Nikolas. Even if I did, Nikolas was unlikely to tell me. Regardless, all this made me cum right away. It was pretty powerful one. I had to rest on Sunny's back for almost a minute. I got the popup. As he was not trying to cheat me, the pregnancy chance was over 700%. "Thanks, Sunny." I said.

Lucy was up next. I pulled out of him and rubbed his back. "Are you ready!?" I asked her as she bent over and presented herself to me. "Let's get it done already. I want a victory before I get to test out my X-frame." she said. It was clear that she was not concerned about me or what we were going to do. I could understand the sentiment though. I saw how it made the others look and feel. I lined up with her pussy and thrust in. I gasped as it was the same feeling. She started it up as soon as I got in. Then she gasped. There was a small twitch in her arms. Unlike Sunny, who was a male that could not cum, she was a female with a functional vaginal and X-womb. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust inside her. I had already bust a nut, so I was able to last longer. She was moaning and thrusting back on me. This was the first time Lucy was having sex with her upgrade. She came before me and cried out in bliss. Luckily for her, she had locked her knees and held the wooden dummy tighter. That barely kept her from collapsing onto the ground. I finished soon after her. It got her pregnant.

Knowing that I was being watched by everyone, I caught my breath and pulled out. I then looked at the Volition clan leader. "Did you get your 2 grunts pregnant? I know that I got my partners knocked up." I said. The leader was angry at me and Lucy. "Look at you. Shaking for a puny human's cock. You both are a disgrace!" he shouted at us. None of the PEP units of our clan spoke up for them. "I guess we'll have to wait until the babies come." Brett said. They had no reason to stay a full 9 weeks until their offspring came in. That meant that they were going to return to Jazni Town. Because I was the father, I could not edit their appearance. However, since I was now at level 98 and they were level 15, the children would be level 56. That was over 3 times as strong. Our win was in the bag. We escorted them out of our clan building. They got in their cars and drove off. All of the other PEP units were angry with me. The only one that did not look like they wanted to yell at me was Sparks. He just looked at me with a face full of disappointment. They all wanted me to denounce them both.

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