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104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

Just Blasting

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It was the one with the blue eyes that said "I'm ready. I want to prove myself to the clan!" The leader just scowled at him. "You will never be worthy. You're trash. The only reason you're going to be in the ranks is because you are adding to our numbers." He then turned back to the tan cyborg and said "He knows his place so he will get the honor first." "Thank you, leader." the PEP unit said. The leader undid his belt. Kicking his pants off to the side, he grabbed the hips of the cyborg he chose. His 8-inch dick was pretty girthy. It got hard on his own. I looked at Lucy and Sunny. I decided to get Sunny finished first. He could not cum. I wanted to finish off the contest with a real orgasm from a PEP unit. He took his pants off and I walked behind him as I stroked my dick to get it hard. He got hard as well. Sunny was giving his moral support to me. Another member of the Volition Clan said "I can count you off. On your mark. Get set. Breed." The clan leader stuck his dick in the bent over cyborg. He only grunted softly from the penetration. The leader hilted all the way inside of him and waited there.

All of us Players were confused. "You really think that I need to move my hips like a stupid monkey!? Forget that!" the clan leader mocked. "I bet he's scared he'll cum instantly." Paul teased. Another one of the Volition PEP units said "Shut up already!" That did not faze us in the slightest. We did quiet down to see what the leader would do. When he was sure he our full attention, he smirked at us. He really was annoying. "Let's see what your human semen can do. I'm going to blast off in a moment. My tanks are definitely much bigger than yours." the leader said calmly. The leader went another minute before pulling out of his partner. The cyborg that was enduring the massive load groaned. He had a big belly. Losing all of that bloat would be easy. He just had to expel the excess cum from his body. The leader then went over to the other PEP unit and thrust inside him. He blasted all the lesser cyborg's insides for a minute before pulling out. The PEP unit was grunting in discomfort. As a humanoid, he had less space to store the cum than what went in. Keeping it in was probably hard.

Just like before, the cyborg was really bloated as he stood up straight. I sincerely hoped that he wouldn't burst open all over our dojo floor. That had to be something hard to clean. Prematurely gloating was not attractive. There was no surprised from us when he decided to indulge in it. "So, I think that even a couple of losers like you can tell who won this contest. How about it!?" the leader said as he looked at me, Paul and Brett. I looked at him and said "As long as you feel comfortable admitting defeat here now." There was a pause before he narrowed his eyes. "You cannot be serious! You really think a stupid halfbreed will be stronger than a PEA unit!?" he snapped at us. I crossed my arms. "I know it. You won't even be worthy to shine their shoes when they are born." I told him. The other members of the clan were also confused with this turn of events. They really thought they won. I guessed they thought they could just intimidate us into a victory before any results came in. We did not even get our turn to fuck yet. I looked at Sunny and stroke myself again. Sunny's ass was lubed up.

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