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103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

High Quality Members

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Not bothering with their names, the leader said "These 2 grunts here are not up to the standards of our clan. We keep the grunts around for work we can't be bothered to deal with." "Okay. Can you breed them? That was the point of the competition." I asked. He stood between them and used his hands to grope their asses. "They don't have what it takes to be true Volition Clan. Why should they be able to cum? They're lucky we take care of them in the first place. At least they can incubate our new members. Welcome to the clan." he said to them. They just looked down in shame. A bit cruel, but it was not my problem. They were not my units. "What are they going to do as new clan members? Will they be given their own X-wing to use?" I asked. I had some curiosity about the leader of the clan. That was all that it was. he was a douchebag, but he did do good work and was pretty reliable in a fight. "I guess they can if they even want it. Trash like these units normally wouldn't get near one. We do value our clan members. Even incubators like these 2." he said. He then looked at them.

A van came down the road. It was the same burly delivery guy. "C'mon now. You know the drill." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah yeah! I get it. I'll be back, so make it quick! I have important things to do today." Paul, Brett and I were shooed away. The Volition Clan PEP units were mocking and teasing us as we left. We went over to the Red Grind to wait. Red was pole dancing for the early bird crowd when we got there. Maroon and Alex were at the bar and serving some breakfast. Alexis and Katie were free at the moment. None of them had seen Sunny and Lucy. I was wondering how they would take it. After a half hour, it was Alexis's turn to pole dance. We invited both Red and Katie to see the competition. They agreed to come along. "You ready to be bred by a real PEP unit?" the leader asked his grunts. Both looked happy. This needed a special venue. The clan building dojo. When we got down into the main hall of the clan building, we saw Sunny and Lucy waiting there. I saw that the other PEP units were looking at them with a mix of disdain and fear. "Let's go to the dojo."

I locked the doors behind us when we got inside. I then turned to the Volition Clan. The leader pointed at Sunny and Lucy. "Who the hell are they!? You have deviants in your clan!?" he demanded. "This is Sunny and Lucy. They were assigned a mission. Apparently, my child with Nikolas was more powerful than the transmission hub calculated. It wanted to see if it could happen again." I explained. "Impossible! There is no way a halfbreed is better than the real deal! And the transmission hub gave you these freaks!?" "Why do you think they are freaks? They are regular PEP units." I said. "Maybe you're used to trash like the others here, but these 2 are no good." It was more abuse. Sunny just narrowed his eyes and said "My designation is PEP-02420. Her's is PEP-02801. The clan leader could not believe it. "How could you throw your pride as 2000's away like this!? You seriously chose to be a human's sex slave? I would kill you if I wasn't in an enemy clan building." he said, venom dripping from his voice. "Let's get the breeding started. Visitors can go first." I said. They agreed to it.

The leader looked at the grunts and tilted his head towards the large wooden training dummy. They both nodded as they unbuckled their pants in front of us. Neither of them were wearing underwear as the pants fell to their ankles. They both waddled over to the dummy and used it to steady themselves as they bent over. That gave us a nice view of their asses. They were average sized and the spread their cheeks apart to show their holes. Just because they were male cyborgs did not mean that they were not breedable. Their assholes were able to self-lubricate. The PEP unit on the left had brown hair and green eyes. His skin was tan and flawless. He had his charge port placed on the small of his back. The cyborg on the right side had ink black hair and light blue eyes. It was a pretty nice color. He had a rosy complexion and there were light freckles on his face, shoulders, back and ass. I wondered which one was going to be bred first. As the clan leader walked over to them, he said "I guess you'll do. You better have been doing all your maintenance." The one with green eyes nodded.

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