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102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

83. Second Round

A Competition Between Rivals

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Zapping him with magic or killing him was not going to solve anything. It was still annoying to see him stand there and diss my clan. I worked hard for all the PEP units to get all their upgrades and X-frames. They could hear us talking. The unites with high numbers looked really demoralized. I was not going to take that lying down. No one gets away with messing with my things. I said "Maybe they were not the original models, but they have all proven themselves worthy. The transmission hubs don't give out x-wombs or semen replicators to just any unit. In fact, I remember you having to take our supplies from our store piles." That made all the PEP units from Jazni Town angry. "What the hell are you trying to say!?" the leader demanded with a dangerous edge to his voice. I just moved closer to him. "My clan's better your clan. I am a better breeder than you are. We are better than you." I told him. He smirked. I was not expecting him to take that so well. Actually, the leader struck me as someone that would get really angry. He just chuckled loudly and put a very firm hand on my shoulder.

I knew that I could move it at any time, but he wanted to tell me something. "You want to bet!?" he challenged. That took me off guard. "Bet on what?" I asked. I was fully positive that I could do anything that he could do. Not only that, but I could do it much better. My best friends were Devils after all. It was a foregone conclusion. "You think you are a better breeder than us? Honestly. What can a girly human's children do. An AEP unit will be superior to any human halfbreed. Even more advanced than a PEP unit is." he said. I yawned and said "I seriously doubt that you can beat me. You might as well not even try." He looked at me and said "What are you going to put up for this bet? If you win, you can tell us what to do for one operation." "If you win, you get all of our weapons and items in storage." I said. He just shook his head and said "It's not good enough. Our PEP technician can make weapons on their own. We want this base. The Red Grind, the cab depot and all." I agreed. "Yeah. Why not!? I can make the strongest kid this world has seen. I have some great partners here." I said.

The leader of Volition Clan just laughed. "You might have some good tech, but what good will it do for the shoddily put together units here. From what we've seen, they're near the bottom of the barrel." he said. "Oh yeah? And who are you going to breed? You didn't bring any females with you." I pointed out. He shrugged. "You have a good set of eyes on you for a human. You're either brave or crazy or stupid." he said sarcastically. "You know what? I think we put this off for a week. You need to find some people." I told him. "I'll just call one of our grunts. Because of the upgrade in gear lots of grunts came to join. Since we needed to take them, we did. We didn't make it easy though." the leader said dismissively. He pulled out a cell phone and made a call. "It's me. Put me on speaker phone. I want to speak to the grunts." There was something on the other end. He narrowed his eyes in peak annoyance. "Trashy units, am I right?" he said to us. We said nothing. Giving his attention back to the phone, he said "It's about damn time! I need 2 of you grunts to come down. I have a use for you."

Even if he had someone, Sunny and Lucy were still crafting their X-frames. There was another pause. "Who? I don't give a shit! But 2 of you better have yourselves down here by morning. That's it!" he snapped. On that note, he ended the call. The leader looked at us. We all looked back at him. I wanted to know what was going to happen. "They aren't here? I thought they would at least be carrying your stuff around." I said. He just scoffed. "They aren't even good enough quality for that. 2 of them will be here. Don't worry." he said. The rest of the Jazni Town PEP units were confident and overbearing with the others. "Looks like the party's over, guys. We'll get the competition over with when everyone gets here." The Volition Clan members looked at each other. The leader said "We will go wait outside then. Trust me, we don't have an early bedtime." "Suit yourself." I said. The others went to their sleeping quarters. I went to mine as well. I waited until I got a call to come down. I saw that they had 8 members outside. They were all male. The clan leader pushed the newcomers over to me.

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