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101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

97. Hostile Syndicate

96. Syndicate Ambush

95. Sensitivity

94. Advanced Units

93. Niko's Plans

92. Care Package

91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

83. Second Round

82. Claire Joins

Pushing Our Buttons

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Leaning forward, he said "With all the equipment you guys are just stockpiling here, I would be enough to destroy every single vehicle and enemy combatant here. If the entirety of my clan could be here, we would take over the whole town and secure it." "Those are some big words. How well do you think it would go if you went out and did it for real?" Paul said with a smile on his face. The PEP unit said "87.93 percent chance. I have already scoped out their equipment. It is nothing I can't handle. As long as they do not have any secret commandos or androids stationed here, it rises to a 98.97 percent chance." Those were good odds. I looked at the others. "Guys, maybe we should do it. We can always fabricate what we have. Paul looked at the smug PEP unit. "Fine! We can have the alliance. The question is how're you going to smuggle all the tech and weapons out of here. They are watching!" I got up and said "Let's go downstairs and get you supplied then. At the very least, you can at least pocket some semen replicators and x-wombs." He said "As long as I get weapons as well."

He then added "I want to help supply my subordinates back in Jazni Town." We took him down to the labs and gave him a sniper rifle that shot that shot toxic rounds, 2 flame swords, a handgun shooting poison rounds, portable energy generator and a large ammo pack. 5 semen replicators and x-wombs each were taken by him. "I don't have any female subordinates, but we can find some worthy candidates and give it to them." he said. I just shrugged at him and said "I can give you some more semen replicators. We make so many here, it's like candy." I gave him 7 more. He just rolled his eyes. His inventory allowed him to conceal everything he had. The next week, 2 of his comrades came into the studio. They were also jocks. We gave them the same weapon load out. They just smirked and looked down at all the PEP units that we had. They looked docile and starstruck towards them. My feelings about it aside, they just thought that the Volition Clan was the best thing ever. "You know that they are the ones essentially asking us for help. right?" I tried to tell them. All of them were confused.

The facts of the matter had not sunk in for them. "How is that even possible!? We're hastily put together models. It was a big scramble before the humans destroyed the factories." Alexs said. Alexis added "They are the better, more durable models." "We're the ones with all the tech and weapons over here!" Paul snapped at them. "You all have X-frames. They don't. We can kick their asses if we wanted to." Brett said. They all just shook their heads furiously in disbelief. Obviously, there was no stomach or will for defying anything the members of Volition Clan had to say. It was a good thing that we were the leaders of this group. They would have been robbed blind by them otherwise. The next day, they kept to their word. There was a bloody battle in the streets. We were assured a successful battle if he went out on his own. With the 3 of them, he was able to clear out all the police and their vehicles. Now that things were going so well, another member of the clan appeared. He wanted all of the blueprints to an X-frame. "You don't have any? That's a shame. What are you guys doing? Hiding!?"

Seething, he just glared at us hard. "Jazni is not a high impact target for operations. Therefore, the rewards for missions are pretty low." I gave him the full blueprints for the XF-09M model. It was the outsource X-frame for all the non-clan members that asked. He looked at it and said "This beauty is wasted on all of you guys." I said "If we were the ones to make them, we obviously earned all the things we have. It literally can't be a waste." "Fortune falls in anyone's lap. The fact you have any of this at all is very irregular. Now, we will have our clan technician work on all of these and improve on them." were his parting words. I could not care less what he thought. That was when the leader looked directly at me. "A human breeding PEP units! That is just laughable. I doubt lightning in a bottle can strike twice." I just looked at him. "If you say so. I think it's been working out for us real well so far." I responded coldly. He rolled his eyes. "If it's a human and a grunt like these guys, it will never work out! Just look at all of you!" he mocked. "Shut the hell up! What do you know!?" I snapped at him.

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