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88. Tres and Seis

87. Music Awards

86. Dos and Quatro

85. We Win It

84. Simultaneous

83. A Challenge

82. Election Party

81. Election Results

80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

76. Stealthing

75. PEP Candidate

74. Clan Alliance

73. Volition Clan

72. Martial Law

71. More Interviews

70. The Offspring

69. The Nursery

Preparations for the Show

on 2022-06-05 10:20:36

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I watched as the choreography for the performance was downloaded into their systems. The cyborgs were all going to be wearing light blue pants and cotton candy pink open vests. It was going to be poppy and a bit silly, but it would go over well if they requested the performance. That meant that they were going to be in the crowd for most of the performance. Right before the song, they would be moved backstage and get dressed in their reserved rooms. Wild Child, Robot Strings and the engineers would be given their own seats in the audience as well. If everything went well, it would be a great night for us. I was sure that PEP units all over the continent would root for us to win the awards. Now that I thought about it, things were going so well that it was concerning. Especially with the martial law fiasco. Why would we be the ones getting these awards? Even if we "deserved" them, the scandal would probably make them unlikely to want us get a recommendation. That set off lots of red flags. Paul and Brett thought so too. Luckily, we had a favor to call in. Volition Clan was our backup.

Readying ourselves for the event would have to wait. The other 2 androids came to the studio again. Tres was the android with the olive skin tone and the fade. Seis was pretty cool looking. His ebony skin complexion and the purple mohawk. They wanted to talk at the police station. I rolled my eyes and decided to go with them. Even if they busted me, I could easily break out of the jail. That or the transmission hub could make a mission to let all of the PEP units in my clan do it for me. On the way, we saw another Phobia van. It stopped and several members tried to snatch a PEP unit on the street. Owen, as the mayor, had told the police to stop them from doing that. I was glad he was in a position of power. It made sense that he could do it because of all the televised lynchings that took place. Even if they were correct, there was still the chance that they could be wrong. "Stay here!" Tres said. The androids then ran over to stop them. They were then fired upon. I gave them back up with my advanced weapons. We took them out together. The androids returned to me slowly. Tres frowned.

Seis pointed at my rifle. "That's a nice rifle you have there. Where did you get it? I don't know of any shops that sell those around here." He was smiling viciously. I just said "With all the fighting and killing even a music engineer has to protect themself. You saw the footage of these freaks trying kidnappings on the street." He dropped the smile. "Listen. We have you dead to rights here. The least you could do is look sorry for your crime." he said. I just smirked. "Regardless, Brianne Terri, you are under arrest for conspiracy." Tres said as he pulled out handcuffs. I asked if I could make a phone call. They looked at each other before Tres nodded. I thanked them before pulling out my phone. I called Brett. "What is it?" he asked. "I am being arrested for conspiring with the PEP units. It's ridiculous. Call Owen. He'll know what to do." I told him. He chuckled and said "Looks like we made a really good choice." I hung up and put my arms in front of me. "I'm ready officers." Tres handcuffed me and they both walked me through the street to the station. When I got there, I was brought to the back.

The police chief was there. He was a PEP unit. I already knew that. Some of the police officers were cyborgs as well. The androids both saluted their leader. "We found a possible conspirator, sir." Tres reported happily. "She is also in possession of PEP weaponry." The police chief nodded and stepped towards me. "That is a very serious charge. Are you in possession of dangerous weaponry created by PEP units?" I nodded. "That will all have to be confiscated." he told me. "That's just fine." I said with a smile. "Other than that, you are your free to go, Ms. Terri." he told me as he uncuffed me. The androids were both shocked. "Sir! Why!?" Seis demanded. "She is clearly a suspect that we can leverage for information, even if she is innocent! Let us interrogate her at least, sir!" Tres begged. I just smiled and said "Good try, boys. You're in over your heads here." I turned to leave, but the chief put his hand on my shoulder. "Ms. Terri, the weapons. We just spoke about this. You can't leave with them." I sucked my teeth as I gave them all to him. I then left the precinct. Uno was at the door.

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