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87. Music Awards

86. Dos and Quatro

85. We Win It

84. Simultaneous

83. A Challenge

82. Election Party

81. Election Results

80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

76. Stealthing

75. PEP Candidate

74. Clan Alliance

73. Volition Clan

72. Martial Law

71. More Interviews

70. The Offspring

69. The Nursery

68. Clan Orgy

The Jukies

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Only the Sages could get in our way at this point. I was called into a board room meeting in the afternoon. From what I heard, it had to be important. Paul was in a happy mood. Paul, Brett, and the other major department heads in the studio were in the room. There was a letter on the table. It was fancy and glided with gold. I hoped this was not a bad thing. Apparently, the country's equivalent of the Grammy Awards was going to take place. The award ceremony was going to be held in Neo-Rutten City. I had not been back there since we started in this world. Apparently, we were going to be nominated for several awards. That was good we are a studio in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Getting nominated was good. We were up for 6 awards. They were Album of the Year("Popping Bottles", 6 Cs), Best Pop Vocal Album("Popping Bottles", 6 Cs), Best Contemporary Instrumental Album("Mechanical Noises" Robot Strings), Best Rock Album("Rocking the Crib" Wild Child), Best Recording Package(Paul) and Best Engineered Album-Non-classical("Mechanical Noises" Brianne, Quinn, Maria, Daniel and Cindy

Paul and I hi fived. We were nominated for some of the rewards the rewards. We had a hands-on approach to our products. Paul designed the covers for all the albums that went out to be sold. I always worked on the music with Quinn, Maria, Daniel and Cindy. Apparently "Mechanical Noises was pretty well put together." As cyborgs, they were good at whatever they were assigned to do. However, there was a lack of creativity that they had. Due to this, we did not get a single nomination for any of the songs. The combination of consistent good songs made for a great album, but none of them could stand on their own. Doing performances was a no go because we did not want to risk anyone discovering their secrets. With that being the case, having 6 nominations was a great start. Unless we got human talents to preform, I doubted that we would be competitive with the other categories. I was happy to wait for Brett to gather everyone together to tell them the news. All of the nominated were going to attend the ceremony. They all wanted to go. I did as well. That was settled. I hoped we won.

Quinn and the other audio engineers were very happy to be recognized. The announcements were going to be done on television for the general public. Our category in the program was not sexy enough. Therefore, it was not going to be on a television screen. The same was true for the actual award ceremony. That was mostly for the performers that people would be able to recognize. That meant that we had to be there earlier. The award was called the "Jukie". The actual prize was a golden jukebox figurine. I could use one. If only for the fact that it would be something to talk about it. I wondered if we could even win here. I was only up for one award. That would be a great thing to lift up the Jukie award. Cole was up for 2 awards. He was lording it over the other people at the studio. That was until Cain and Cody started to tease him ruthlessly. Cole dropped it and moved on to something else. The awards were going to be given out in a month and a half. That was enough time to get ready. Because of the popularity of a particular song, 6 Cs were all going to perform "Candy Party" live.

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