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86. Dos and Quatro

85. We Win It

84. Simultaneous

83. A Challenge

82. Election Party

81. Election Results

80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

76. Stealthing

75. PEP Candidate

74. Clan Alliance

73. Volition Clan

72. Martial Law

71. More Interviews

70. The Offspring

69. The Nursery

68. Clan Orgy

67. Quickshot

PEA Units

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Nine weeks later, the female PEP units all had their children. We had to ferry them to the library in large vans with dark tinted windows. Giving birth took them a couple of hours. Not only did they get the children out, but they worked on upgrades and cosmetics to make it look like they had never been pregnant before. That was pretty nice of them. Having scars and stretch marks would not be good for a pop star group. The children were all very cute. The new PEA units were brought back to the studio and placed in the nursery. All the clan members were happy. Even if they were not the parents, the clan had reached a major milestone. The parents were beaming with pride. The units that were called trash by Volition Clan did something no one thought they were capable of. would be able to tolerate both salt and sugar water. They also did not need to be charged via electricity. Instead of being plugged into an outlet, they relied on solar power to keep them going. Because of this fact, they did not have charge ports on their bodies. They also had green hair and yellow eyes in various shades.

It was to help them photosynthesize. They did not need to eat. That was just like the PEP units. Obviously, their prowess was increased. From what the clan was saying, they were 3 times stronger and faster. Their ability to get in the systems of programs and hack was twice as fast as the standard PEP unit. They were still not human and still NPCs at that. Their level was static at 35. That was good considering X-frames were level 40. Their offspring would be level 65. The AEA units were all level 80 and were the strongest the transmission hub had to offer. Being level 96 already meant that I could take an AEA unit on if I had the proper loadout to fight them with. I would be way stronger by the time they became more common. Paul and Brett would destroy them without blinking. The children that we would have were so overpowered, we could rule whole countries on our own. That would get us targeted by the Sages right away though. We did not want that. Having the Volition Clan at our beck and call for a certain task was great. That was a trump card you kept. Who knew what could happen?

Obviously, things can go wrong when you least expect them to. I was helping out the engineers when I got called down to the lobby. There were 2 androids that wanted to talk to me. This time it was the one with the rosy skin tone and the emo bang covering the right eye as well as the tan one with braids down to his shoulders. "Have no fear citizen. We are here to help. I am Officer Dos Dwan, and this is my partner Quatro Dwan. We request your assistance with an investigation." the one with the emo bang said. I sighed and nodded my head. "Let's talk in the meeting room. We won't be disturbed there." I said. When we got in the room, the interrogation began. They had recovered a recording from the scene, Uno had the files from when I helped the PEP unit. It showed the abduction attempt, gun fight and arrest. They wanted to know why I interfered with the abduction. "I don't like thugs just rolling up and kidnapping people." I said. "This was not a person. It was a cyborg." Dos challenged. "How was I supposed to know!?" I snapped. We just went back and forth for hours. They then left.

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