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85. We Win It

84. Simultaneous

83. A Challenge

82. Election Party

81. Election Results

80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

76. Stealthing

75. PEP Candidate

74. Clan Alliance

73. Volition Clan

72. Martial Law

71. More Interviews

70. The Offspring

69. The Nursery

68. Clan Orgy

67. Quickshot

66. Cole's Woman

Volition Vs. Sixteenth Notes (Part 2)

avatar on 2022-06-05 10:13:29

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Kicking his pants off to the side, he grabbed the hips of the cyborg he chose. His 8-inch dick was pretty girthy. It got hard on his own. I looked at Cole. He took his pants off and walked behind me. I lifted my tail and lowered my hindquarters to give him better access to me. He got hard as well. Another member of the Volition Clan said "I can count you off. On your mark. Get set. Breed." The clan leader stuck his dick in the bent over cyborg. He only grunted softly from the penetration. The leader hilted all the way inside him and waited. Cole did the same thing. "Let's see what your low-quality semen can do. I'm going to blast. My tanks are probably bigger than yours." the leader said calmly. Cole nodded and I felt a hose of cum blast inside me. I got the popup and I accepted the pregnancy. I even decided to have identical twins. For the design, I decided to mix the features of Cole and my real world body together. I gave them both the same electric blue hair. For laughs I made them level 500 and I would give birth to them the next day. Cole was still cumming inside though. So was the leader.

In my opinion, they were having a meaningless pissing match here. Cole rubbed my flanks with his hands nervously. It did not take nearly this much cum to impregnate a person. The PEP unit was an cyborg that had literal sensors and tech to ensure their pregnancy. I practically had the same thing in me due to the cheats I had. My guts were getting full. Cole's cum was so powerful as it blasted my insides, it sent me over the edge of an orgasm. I moaned in pleasure. My legs were locked, so I was fine. It was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. Cole was grunting and getting a bit fidgety. The Volition clan leader was unconcerned. The PEP unit under him was grunting in discomfort. As a humanoid, he had way less space to store the cum than I did. Keeping it inside was probably hard. I hoped he wouldn't burst. "Running dry!?" the leader taunted. Cole sighed and nodded. He then pulled out of me. Cum gushed out of my horse pussy like a leaky hose. The leader went another minute before pulling out of his partner. The cyborg that was enduring the massive load groaned. He had a big belly.

Losing all of that bloat would be easy. He just had to expel the excess cum from his body. The leader then went to the other PEP unit and thrust inside. He blasted all the lesser cyborg's insides for a full minute before pulling out. "So. I think even a couple of losers like you can tell who won this contest. How about it?" the leader said as he looked at me and Cole. I looked at him and said "As long as you feel comfortable admitting defeat." There was a pause before he narrowed his eyes. "You cannot be serious! You really think that a stupid halfbreed will be stronger than a full PEA unit!?" he snapped. I crossed my arms. "I know it. You won't even be worthy to shine their shoes when they are born." I told him. I smirked when the 2 grunts stood up and looked nervously at the leader. The other members of the clan were also confused. They really thought they won. I guessed they thought they all could just intimidate us into a victory before any results came in. Cole was hiding behind me in shame. If it was up to him, he would have given up already. They had to stay until the offspring came in.

Morning came and went. I had stuff to do, and so did Cole. Running a music studio was tough work. When it was closing time, I let them stay in the lobby. There was no other place that they wanted to be. I guess they thought a walk back of the deal would see them kicked out and unable to do anything. It would lead to a serious war between the clans. Luckily, I was in the right. The next day, I brought them to the meeting room so that we could all see me give birth to the twins. When they came out, I smirked at their reaction. They were stunned into amazement. "How is this possible!?" the clan leader snapped when he regained composure. "I told you that I was the better breeder. Now you need to honor the bet. We are going to call on you guys for an operation one day. You are going to help us." I said. The leader was super pissed off. There was nothing that he or his clan mates could do about it though. That made it even better. They left without another word. At the very least. the grunts got to get full membership inside their clan. We also had super strong members of our own now too.

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