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69. The Nursery

68. Clan Orgy

67. Quickshot

66. Cole's Woman

65. Mission Rewards

64. End of Mission

63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

60. Second Mission

59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

Children Plan

avatar on 2021-08-07 18:31:54

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Daniel gave me 4 separate orgasms as he pounded my pussy with his dick. This was the best sex I had ever had in the game. When he came for the second time inside me, the load was so powerful as it blasted my insides, it sent me over the edge of a 5th orgasm. My legs had been lock, but the pleasure was too much. I collapsed onto the floor of the lab and called it quits. "I'm done. That was too good, Daniel. Fuck!" I gasped out as my whole body quivered from the aftershocks of the sex. Daniel just smirked and said "That's okay. Just tell me whenever you want some more." He then moved onto Greta as the others had been too busy watching me. Greta did not survive all the sex she had received. They were done. Some were still up for more, but no one was volunteering to join them. They got the hint, and they all cleaned themselves up before taking their X-frames back to the main hall. It was an orderly affair now they were sated for the most part. They all got out and were pretty happy with the turn of events. We were able to dispose of Greta's body by dissolving it in toxic sludge.

Once that was done, we split up and went about our day. I also started work on the semen replicators. Out of the 17 members, 11 were male cyborgs. There were only 6 females. The replicator took 3 days and 12 more days to fabricate them so there would be one for all of them to have as well as a spare pair. In the meantime, I had the female X-womb made and the neurooptics for XF-11F. I then fabricated it 9 times to get 10 wombs. I wanted some extra in case we could recruit some more PEP units. I gave them all out and they made a day of going to the library to getting the upgrade installed inside of them. I kept the spares to myself. I also decided to get Paul to go make a nursery. Since the PEP units in the clan could procreate, we could do the child plan all over again. Having the centaurs out would not be efficient, especially dealing with stairs or elevation. Now that we could have some half-cyborgs, we could do everything through our kids. They could pass the buck off of us when the world got large enough for the Sages to come oversee it. Paul put it down in the condo basement.

From the pregnancy hack, I was a baby making factory. If I wanted to, I could give birth to children from all of the male cyborgs in under 2 weeks. That really was not my intention. I was not a slut. In actuality, I was only really close to just Daniel and Quinn. Cole was funny because he was a braggart and swaggerer. I would let him get in a kid too if he wanted. Brett was also down for the plan. When they came back, they looked really happy with their upgrades. I pulled Daniel aside and propositioned him. It was a no brainer. Of course he was going to say yes. He wanted to test out his new semen and the functionality. Apparently, he was going to be able to feel it this time. If he lasted a full minute, I would be surprised based on his performance with the X-frame. "This is going to be fun." he said as he got behind me. I looked over my shoulder at him and said "I actually have to run outside and go do something. We're done when you cum, alright?" He nodded and I lifted my tail. He then fucked me for 5 minutes. "This is easier than when I'm in the X-frame. I can see why humans do this." he said.

When he came inside me, I finally got the pregnancy popup. I made sure that the baby was a male. I randomized it using our features and then added a white emo bang that covered the left eye. The eye color would be a similar electric blue to mine. It would also have his skin color. I was level 96 and all of the homeless PEP units were fixed at level 15. They were supposed to be the grunts of the PEP unit factions. That averaged out to level 55 and a half. I added another 400 levels for good measure. It would make hunting down enemies much easier. The child was going to be humanoid. I then left the studio like I said that I would. I spent time doing random things and then came back. The next day, I gave birth to the child. I named him Austin. We put him in the nursery and I called Quinn over. I went through the exact same process to get pregnant with him. This time, the white emo bang covered the right eye. He was named Tyrone. After putting him in the nursery, I asked Cole. He was happy. "Maybe we could raise a daughter together." he had said. That is what I did. She looked just like him.

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