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68. Clan Orgy

67. Quickshot

66. Cole's Woman

65. Mission Rewards

64. End of Mission

63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

60. Second Mission

59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

Sex with the Clanmates

avatar on 2021-08-07 18:27:20
Episode last modified by 1Ryguy1 on 2022-06-04 08:12:06

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I saw Cole look confused. "Are you sure!? I don't have the semen replicator and you don't have the X-womb. Even if we fucked, it wouldn't matter." Cole said. "I want to test the sensitivity of the X-frames. You're not the only one who should enjoy sex." Caleb replied as he approached him. Paul said "C'mon, virgin! Just pop Caleb's cherry already." Cole sighed and pointed at the table. "Lay down. You better not complain to me if I can't stop fucking you." he said. "I'm not a weakling. I can handle you." Caleb said confidently as he laid down on the table. Cole got on top of him and lined himself up. "Last chance." he warned. "Do it!" his bandmate demanded. They both gasped when Cole penetrated hm. Chester was more interested in Greta. She was unable to resist. They all went at it like healthy rabbits. Several rounds of sex passed by as we watched them cum again and again. Both Cs fucked until Cole went dry. That took three hours. Caleb still had a couple more rounds in him. When Cole pulled out of him, Caleb looked at me. I just shook my head. I did not want to get involved with any of that.

Brett however floated over with his wings. He was down. Since Brett was a Devil, he was able to donate human sperm even though he was not a real human. "I don't know about all this Brett...." Caleb said. Then again, he could just as easily gave Caleb some of that nice Tree Fairy sperm of his. The offspring also might be able to use some magic as a result. Caleb looked really disappointed through some small gasps as Brett hit certain spots inside of him. "You're just not big enough for me." he complained as Brett came inside him. "God! Don't be such a slut, Caleb. After all of that fucking with Cole, you just need cum inside you for your body to analyze. Calm down!" Brett said as he picked his ear with his finger. The others choose that moment to come in the lab with their X-frames. "You started without me." Cody said. Caleb shooed Brett away and beckoned them over to him. The males took turns running a train on poor Greta. Brett and Paul took up the slack and fucked the female X-frames for a few rounds. There was an entry on the whiteboard for the X-wombs. That was really great.

We were in the money. Daniel was looking at me. He said "You've been left out this whole time. Want to join in?" he asked. I had not noticed him going at it. "You weren't interested in Greta!?" I asked. He shrugged. "Why wait in line for a stranger when I can experience my first time with someone I know and trust he said." Daniel said with a exasperated expression on his face. It was if I was supposed to know that. "Well, I don't mind. But if this is about trust and the experience you better be ready to eat me out first." I said as I lifted my tail. He got behind me and did it. He was on par with Liam. After I had came twice, he had gotten impatient. "Can I fuck you now!?" he asked as annoyance began to seep into his voice. Just about all of the others had gotten at least 1 round in. Some of the others had begun to pair up amongst themselves. Kim and Cyrus were fucking Greta again. "Yeah. You earned it. Have fun." With his height, he practically mounted me. When he thrust inside of me, I moaned. It hit all the way to the deepest parts of me. Obviously, he came instantly. The fake cum blasted my womb.

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