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66. Cole's Woman

65. Mission Rewards

64. End of Mission

63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

60. Second Mission

59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

Sexual Experimentation

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Doing all of this was pretty cool. I wished I could have done this. However, all the cyborgs were adamant that I stop asking about it. They all intimated that they would be forced to stop me. Because the whole process to go there on their own, build all the X-frames, and come back took so long, we had several more of the full blueprints for the XF-07Fx. The total number rose to 8. I gave them to some more of the clanmates. Brett and Paul agreed with me this time around. The ones that were chosen to go to the Foundry next were Wendy, Kim, Jessica, Chester, Cyrus, Maria, Erica and Caleb. Surprisingly, Caleb and Erica switched blueprints. Erica took the XF-05M model blueprints. This meant Caleb was going to have the female X-frame. He did say it was a honor to have one regardless of the sex. I guess he wanted the benefits of the intersex uses. We were fine with it. That was the only swap though. Olivia, Carl and Cain were the ones that were left out. They were upset with the decision. Paul, Brett and I had to twist ourselves into knots to keep them happy. They got advanced weapons.

Even then, all of us were put on the off foot when they said they wanted there own song. We had to get our human song writers on it. They made the song and we just recorded it. They also each wanted a solo song. We did all of it for the trio. Happily, when the 8 came back, we could give the 3 whatever model they wanted. Cain took a look and picked the XF-05M model. Carl and Olivia chose the XF-07Fx. That brought the total to 7 of the XF-07x model. The other 10 were of the XF-05M model. It was a good thing we had enough pods to keep them all. Paul asked Simon to go back to the Foundry with the blueprints for both the XF-05M and XF-07Fx models. This was so that we would be able to use them. I was more than fine with that. Being able to use an X-frame like that would be really cool. Like I predicted, the cyborgs of our clan were called to use their X-frames to do more dangerous missions outside of town. They were able to handle it because they were so strong. An X-frame really was able to boost the strength and prowess of a PEP unit by significant amount. It was really bad.

l was walking out of my house. As I was crossing the street, I saw that Cole had a human woman by his side. He certainly was using his popularity as a pop star. Now that we had several X-frames, this was to expected. I was surprised that Simon had not made his move yet. I also wanted to see what would happen with this. "Hey you guys. This is Greta. This is a fan I met a week ago. I called her over here because I wanted to show her off to you all." he said. She was a woman with blonde hair and nice rosy skin. "Hello. I've been a fan since "Cutie Girl". He was always a gentleman to me." Paul smiled and said "I remember you." She looked very surprised and raised her hands in defense. "It's fine. I won't tell. Congratulations." Paul said. They both smiled at each other. Cole pulled her in for a kiss. She chuckled before allowing him to do it. They kissed for a bit. She only noticed that something was wrong when she wanted to pull away for air. There was fear in her eyes. She struggled for a bit before passing out. We watched in silence. I said "Let's take this inside. I wanna watch this take place."

He carried her over his shoulder. The others that were in the studio were interested as well. It was a rare day when everyone was there. I called them over and told them to follow. They nodded and we then went down to the clan building. The best place for this was the PEP lab as there was table large enough for an X-frame. We first had to take Greta from Cole and let him climb into his X-frame. The front opened up and he sort of sank into it. It was like the biomaterial swallowed him up. It only took a moment for the blue visor to light up. The X-frame slowly began to move. When it stepped on the floor and looked around, I could tell that he had complete mastery over it. "This feels great. I feel so powerful. Thank you for this Brianne." he said. "Your welcome. Clans look after each other." Paul then clapped and said "Okay. Let's get on with this before she wakes up and tries something." We took it to heart and all of us went to the elevator. Cole took her back and lifted her over his shoulder again. Once we made it to the lab, Cole laid her on the table and climbed up over her in a ready position.

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