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65. Mission Rewards

64. End of Mission

63. Special Mission

62. Back Alley

61. Third Mission

60. Second Mission

59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

Special X-frames

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All the blueprints for XF-05M should have been done. I also told them to use the fabricator to make copies of the blueprints. We were underground for a week and it took us a week to get there and back. By the time we got back to the studio and below to the lab, we were sitting on 4 complete blueprints to XF-05M. We spent 3 days on the new XF-07Fx neurooptics. After another day we had another completed set of XF-05M. With the 6 complete X-frames, I obviously favored my favorites in the clan. It was easy for certain members. Quinn, Simon and Cindy were on the mission. They earned it. I gave a set to Daniel and Cole. Even though he missed that shot, he was funny and was always raising the morale with his boasting and antics. Cody made the shot and warranted an X-frame for it. Paul had made that decision. "You just can't give these X-frames to losers." he said. Brett agreed that it was a big waste. Cindy was given the XF-07Fx since she was a female unit. The 6 of them took a van and went to the Foundry to build the X-frames. When they came back, another 6 could go there next.

Being that only the PEP units knew where the Foundry was, we had no clue when they would return. It took a full 2 weeks for them to come back. While we were waiting, the others were back to taking the petty missions in the town and working on the music. They drove into the parking lot while the others were out. Behind them was a large truck. A tall and muscle bound cyborg wearing a delivery uniform stepped out the truck. "You know the rules. It is non-negotiable. No unauthorized access." he said as he looked at me. I was going to give him a piece of my mind. The 6 of them all gave me pleading looks. "I guess now is as good a time for a break as any other." I sighed. I decided it was not worth messing up the relationship between us and the Foundry. There was nowhere to go but to gather the others. Cyrus and Olivia were off on a mission. Brett was with them providing back up. I found everyone else and gathered them in the lounge. "They're back with the X-frames. Want to see it!?" They all obviously wanted to see it. The 6 of them were already there. They looked pretty smug.

I saw Cole first. He was beaming at us. We went down to the Main Hall in the clan building and we saw that two pod that were filled. There were 40 in total and they were open aside from the occupied ones that were sealed for effect. Probably why they were all looking so smug. All 6 of the cyborgs stood beside the ones that they had created. They opened them up and allowed us to see what they looked like up close. The 5 XF-05M were all beautiful and 10 feet tall. They were all sleek and matte white with neon yellow accents. Both had a neon yellow squid on them. All of them had the cut musculature of an athlete. All the similarities ended there. You could see the jealousy etched on the faces of the others. Cole's X-frame had a medieval bucket helmet design for his X-frame. The bucket was metallic white and the visor was a dark neon blue. The biomaterial of the body was the same matte white, but the biometal was neon blue to lighten it up. There was a blue cup covering the groin. On the back was a large tank of water with a long gray hose and neon blue handle attached.

Cole was different from the rest. Cody's had a cybernetic ninja helmet for the neurooptics. It had six blue rectangular segments where the mouth should have been in 3 rows of 2. It was really cool. There was also a singular circle for the eyes that lit up white. Instead of blue biometal, it was gray. It had blue biomaterial. They all had different designs from one another. The particulars of the design was based on the cyborg's limited creativity and preferred operationality. It was a big surprise that they all looked so unique. The most unique was of course the XF-07Fx. Cindy's X-frame was pretty good. It was 10 feet tall with a radioactive yellow base color. The accent color was a light ash gray. She had C-cup breasts that were easy to miss on the large frame. On her back was a pair of neon blue rows of 3 tentacles for 6. Apparently, the tentacles could grab and shock things. There was a metallic groin covering just like with the XF-05M models. Her hair was the same toxic yellow as the base biometal. "This one looks pretty great, Cindy. Good job." I said to her. She nodded quietly.

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