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59. Funny Event

58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

45. The Sages

44. A Reunion

43. Conquistadores

42. First Daughter

41. Homeward Bound

40. Royal Court

A Friendly Bet

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A smile was on the humans' faces. They both must have really held him in high regard. I wondered if that would change if they knew he was a PEP unit. Some got really violent. "You're fine Liam. It's okay. You don't have to worry about it Lee. We got you! You have been saving our asses left and right since you got hired." one of the humans said. "The least we could do is treat you to the strip club." the other chimed in. That was the name of the club. "You didn't have to take me. I'm just happy to help out." the cyborg said nervously. A look passed between the two humans before they laughed. "Geez. How nice of a guy do you have to be!?" the 2nd one said. "You do know what they say: 'Nice guys finish last in this world.' When was the last time you emptied those balls of yours?" the 1st one said as he pointed at the dark brown haired cyborg's groin jokingly. His ink black eyes blinked and he shifted uncomfortably. "I haven't had a chance to do that kind of thing yet" he said. They looked at him in disbelief. "You're still a virgin!?" one yelled. The other said "You're 22 and you've never fucked!?"

Just as Liam shushed them, a bouncer approached. "Is there a problem here, sirs?" he said with a smirk. "No sir. We're fine." Liam said. His friends got a mischievous look on their face. "We're going to help. They do private dances here. A fit guy like you will have the whores here begging you." one of them said. "There's no way they're choosing me. "Liam said. "C'mon. The have the best of both worlds here. Dancers? You got it! Other people? You got it! Great drinks? You got it! You'll find something for you." Liam just nodded and said "You have to be quiet the show is starting." It was obvious that the club was not their first planned stop this evening. This club was popular with humans and cyborgs alike because the main female dancer and one of the early male dancers were PEP units. Cheetah was the female in the feline print and Cyan, the blue speedo wearing male were pretty good. We all liked the show. After all of the performances were finished, they came out to pick people for their private dances. Each was 10 minutes and they did three a night. Liam was not chosen by them.

Kicking the floor, he just shrugged. "Told you." he said. His friends tried their best to console him. Far from being sad, Liam was looking pretty relieved. The last thing he must want is to get naked with a human that could see his charge port and out him. I was with Paul, Quinn, Maria, Daniel and Kim. The others were elsewhere. Either walking around, at a bar or at home. We were all talking amongst ourselves when Liam's friends approached us with smiles. "Hello there. I couldn't help but notice that you guys aren't together together. We have a friend here that would really like to spend the night with one of you two ladies." one said. Liam looked mortified. Paul just smirked and looked at me. "Why don't you do them a favor and hang out with him. You're used to fucking random guys." he mocked. I rolled my eyes and looked at him. I did not hate how he looked. He had an sun kissed skin. His black eyes and hair were pretty nice to look at. "Fine. Come with me Liam." I said. Liam looked shocked, but followed me. I took him to a motel and paid for an hour. "You got 1 hour. You won't make me cum."

Liam took that as a challenge. "Just because I haven't done it before, doesn't mean you can count me out." He said with a smirk. I shrugged and lifted my tail. Liam got a good look at me before he began to move behind me. He hummed and took off his shoes, shirt and pants. He still had an undershirt on. He spent the first 35 minutes of the time eating me out. It felt really good. There was no end to the moans he got out of me as he sucked on my clit and took slid his tongue along my inner walls. I had noticed that I was getting really wet as he went past the 15 minute mark. When he was done with that, he began fisting me. It only took me 10 more minutes to cum. The rush felt so good. It was a good thing I locked my legs. I looked over my shoulder at him as he pulled his arm out of me. He then pulled down my hindquarters and thrust up with his dick. He gave me about 8 shaky thrusts before I felt spurts of the synthetic fluid blast the inside of my pussy. I did not get a popup about it though. It was true that there was no real genetic material in the fluid. "That was good. Thank you for that." I said.

I turned to pass him. He got in front of the door to stop me. "You're just going to leave like that!? Why don't you stay?" he asked. I just looked at him. "You were nice, but I know you are not going to cut it. I can tell you don't have what it takes to get me pregnant. That cum shot was weak for some virgin with full balls. You might want to go to a doctor for that." I said. He looked insulted. "Fine then. I'll get you pregnant." Liam said. I rolled my eyes. "Who said you'll get another chance?" I responded as I pushed past him. He said "Go out with me." I stopped and looked over my shoulders at him. "No. I can get anyone that I want. I don't need to settle for you. You better shape up if you want to get a chance with me." was what I said before I walked off. Who knew if he was serious or not? Whether or not he was, he was just some guy. The cyborgs in the clan were actually able to get X-frames soon. The guys would actually be able to get me pregnant. Having a child that could actually walk around without having to worry about stairs would be great. "What's your name?" he demanded of me. I told him and left.

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