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58. The Labs

57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

45. The Sages

44. A Reunion

43. Conquistadores

42. First Daughter

41. Homeward Bound

40. Royal Court

39. Comradery

Clan Science

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It was pretty cool in the Energy lab. There was a laboratory table, a futuristic whiteboard, multiple machines for different processes, and a display case for all the finished projects. The futuristic whiteboard was where could look at the research topics. It was electronic and touchscreen. The lab came with two projects already ready to go. I looked them over. One was an energy field generator. The other was a melee weapon. We talked it out and decided to go with the energy field. The first reactor would be enough for everything on this floor. The same was true of the other labs as well. The Chem lab's first research project were the incendiary devices that were the first topic on the whiteboard. We then went downstairs via the elevator. Very happily, they looked around the PEP lab and we gathered at the white board to see what could be researched. There were many things to start. I saw that we could research and create weapons and stimulants for allied NPCs. There were also an Archwing launching apparatus that would allow us to attach wings capable of flight to the X-frames. It was cool.

Going around, what the cyborgs cared about most of all was the X-frames up for development. Each clan building gave out blueprints for 2 X-frames at random. I could see that the ones we could make blueprints for here were the XF-11F and XF-05M models. All the cyborgs were still looking with desiring eyes. They wanted to see them. It was obvious why. This was halfway to the endgame. Our clan had an infinite amount of money and resources. It was not an issue to build. We just needed to spend the time researching and building things from the whiteboards. If they headed to the Foundry, they could have the whole thing made to their specifications. There were many types of damage an X-frame could specialize in: impact, pierce, heat, cold, water, wind, electric, erosion, radiation, toxic, sonic, magnetic and void. The "M" referred to a male exoskeleton." "F" was for female. "Looks like we got a model for the guys and one for the girls." Paul said. The male cyborgs looked at him angrily. "It would be an honor to operate an X-frame, regardless of the sex." Caleb said firmly and frowned.

He was chastising us, so it must be very important to them. "Intersex use also has its advantages." Kim added. I looked at him to explain. "You all know we can simulate sexual intercourse. Our synthetic ejaculate doesn't hold up and we don't feel pleasure." We waited for him to continue. "X-frames are very different. X-frames are said to give us 3 times the pleasure humans have during intercourse. We can also collect human genetic material ourselves to upgrade our own systems. That way we can create an upgraded version of ourselves. We are only prototypes. We would be able to bring forth the Alpha stage." he explained. The others nodded and looked really giddy. From what he was saying, the cyborgs could collect semen and use it to somehow get themselves pregnant. They would possibly also need some female egg cells. Each stage cost 3 day to make and the X-frames had 4 distinct parts that needed to be researched. That meant we could finish it in under 2 weeks. We as a group decided that XF-05M would be the best one to be next. There were simply more males here.

I set the research to produce the blueprints for the systems. "When we get our X-Frames, I'm going to get all the sex that I can." Simon said. It made a lot of sense to me with how often Simon and Brett fucked. Next off was the new Bio lab. The mutagens were the first thing that could be down. It was an important component for most of the other items that could be researched here. We did not have a real reason to go into the dungeon or the trading post as there was nothing to trade and no new items to train with right now. The garden was nice, but most did not actually understand it. It was a rock garden. Once again, they were not that creative. With that done, we were in a jovial mood. Some of us decided to go to the strip club to celebrate. There was already a good crowd waiting outside. Cyborgs and humans alike were willing to pay some good money to see the show. We saw a funny event play out in front of us. A cyborg in a gray and black outfit was brought in by two humans in similar looking outfits. They were seemingly friends that were off work. The cyborg looked pretty nervous.

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